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5 Killer Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

Print your url on a fake rocket

Former Dragons Den contestant and winner of North East Entrepreneur of the Year Ling Valentine has a unique method of promoting her car leasing website.

In 2005 Ling had a 6 wheeled military truck imported from the People’s Liberation Army in Shanghai and her husband built a giant nuclear missile to go on top. The truck was parked next to the A1 motorway in North East England for a couple of years before being moved to one of the busiest motorways in Western Europe, the M62, where it remains.

Millions of motorists see the missile truck every year and it is no doubt a much better investment than any online advertising campaign in such a competitive industry.

Draw it on the street

Julian Beever is the worlds most famous street artist and has been commissioned by large companies such as Sony to promote their products by drawing them with chalk on the ground. Virtually any picture released on the web by Julian is reposted on hundreds of blogs and is almost guaranteed to make the Digg homepage.

Ask Julian to paint you a stunning picture with your website in it and publicity is almost guaranteed.

Julian Beever

Pitch in the Dragons Den

Hundreds of companies pitch in the Dragons Den every year but only a few of them are web based businesses. Some of the most famous are Lings Cars (owner of the rocket above), Gaming Alerts and most recently Hungry House.

Dragons Den

The one thing these sites have in common is a huge influx of traffic after the show. The day after Hungry House were on TV thousands of people were searching for them on Google and even competing sites saw an increase in business because of it. Their Alexa Rank went through the roof and continues to rise even today.

Paint your url on a streaker

Vodafone streakerIn 2002 Vodafone paid a New Zealand rugby fan to run onto the pitch during an All Blacks vs Australia game wearing nothing but the Vodafone logo. Thanks to Tim from SEO Agencies for the tip about this one.

The streaker was fined £30,000 and Vodafone were more than happy to pay it in return for publicity in almost every newspaper across the world.

If you can find somebody willing to streak at a major public event the press coverage is likely to far outweigh any fines levied, especially for large companies with multi million pound marketing budgets. Recently television networks have been reluctant to give coverage to streakers so this tactic may not be as effective in 2008.

Project your website address onto a building

ProjectionMost people remember the infamous FHM stunt involving a giant image of Gail Porter, a very large projector and the Houses of Parliament. The publicity was huge and so was the cost, around £40,000.

Luckily the cost of hiring a big projector nowadays is more affordable and you don’t even need a giant building any more. Arcstream can not only project your URL onto any building you like but they can even create a giant wall of water vapour and project onto that instead.

By Patrick Altoft. at 11:03PM on Monday, 07 Jan 2008

Patrick is the Director of Strategy at Branded3 and has spent the last 11 years working on the SEO strategies of some of the UK's largest brands. Patrick’s SEO knowledge and experience is highly regarded by many, and he’s regularly invited to speak at the world’s biggest search conferences and events. Follow Patrick Altoft on Twitter.


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  1. Matt Jones says:

    Haha nice ideas, Dragons Den is my favourite program and I got the book at Christmas, read it in 2 days ;)

    *Googles “streakers for hire”* :p

  2. Sucker says:

    I love the missile truck and the build page at Ling’s site is hilarious!

  3. Lucy Dee says:

    Genius, genius moves! I wish I had thought of them myself. Oh that, and coming up with the £50,000 I might need to defray any costs and fines I may receive in the process. But genius, nonetheless.

  4. Pretty Good
    However your message has to be spread globally not only in a very local area to be effective in the end

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  6. B10G says:

    Nice list Patrick my favourite is definitely the paint your url on a streaker! I decided to do my own version of the list on my blog here

  7. Diane says:

    Or more than one of them! Ling also was on Dragon’s Den and this got her plenty of publicity to. She’s also one of the people offering freebies as a promotional technique, she’ll send you a free lunch! And then as you expect when it arrives you tell everyone about it!

    Ling is a fantastic marketer!

  8. Love Dragons Den – and this post has given me some great ideas to promote my Limos – Look out for something special along the A1 very soon!!

  9. Sergey Rusak says:

    Back in a days some gay dating website placed their advertising banner on Mass. Avenue is Cambridge. Residents complained a lot… ad was removed by Cambridge City Hall.

  10. West says:

    I think I looked at the Coke picture for ten minutes to realize it was drawn on the street. Simply amazing..

    I like the projector idea. Maybe combine it with a gathering of people, like right outside a concert or such.

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  12. 7leads says:

    Very cool. All great ideas. Now you got me thinking :-)

  13. Marianne says:

    Yeah, you surely got our creative juices flowing.
    It would great to see some REALLY thought-provoking ideas flowing that have the least cost involved.

    So basically, a post outlining ideas that have the highest return on investment (ROI)…

    The lads at Grafdom last month did something quite intriguing when they got permission to have the URL of a client’s blog printed on all the seats of a football stadium. It cost peanuts and had a rather lucrative feedback.

  14. I live the Vodaphone promo
    What next
    Wonder what the front shot of the advert looks like

  15. I love the rocket.

    I would however advise against having my blog associated with the streaker (especially an ugly streaker!)

  16. Julian Beever is amazing!

  17. geld lenen says:

    Hahaha the one with the beamer, this is so funny. You could do everything with it on almost everything.

    /me is searching a big flat at the highway right now on Google Maps ;-)

  18. Chetan says:

    Haha good post. I would say invest to display our ad on all the buildings of a colony.. Those kinda things get publicity through word of mouth too :)
    And these kind of offline promotion methods help for big companies that seek to find some sales of products etc.

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  20. Christine says:

    Wow- now these are some really creative ways to get noticed- I love it!!!

  21. Hey, this is a very interesting post and hugely entertaining. I was contemplating doing some vehicle wraps for our company, but the ideas above are outrageous!

  22. Jan says:

    Being realistic – this only works if you have a short, relevant and easy to remember website. Like To get a great URL like that you need millions, so buying a streaker, missile, artist, etc should be no problem.
    It does not apply to most websites, such as this one promoting Places to visit around Houston, Texas

  23. Simple says:

    that’s freaking so not cool though its the est advertising technique for any new website.

  24. Jason says:

    These kind of advertisements can give you tons of exposure, I love it. Good ideas.

  25. Although for a common person with not much money to boot for these tips , I have to say that these are indeed going to work becaus e creative ideas like these stimulate people to check something out. Printed media is quite nice too in promoting your site offline. Although word of mouth is rare nowadays, maybe some of your loyal clients talks about your site’s amazing features to a co-worker or family. Call them old school, but some companies do these things a lot.

  26. chimene says:

    Very good post. It only proves that there are millions of ways to promote your website or blog offline. You only need to be a little bit creative. This gives me a lot of ideas already. I am very excited…
    This post is worth millions of $$$

  27. i Brilliant for exposure of websites very helful. thank you

  28. realtrack says:

    Hey thanks for sharing great idea.

  29. Seems like these folks were desperate to promote. Or at least that enthusiastic about their website. Streaking? Ummm, that’s a little extreme. This is actually my first time hearing about Dragon’s Den so thanks for the reference. I’ll have to take a look.

  30. zhangliang says:

    haha !you can do

  31. felix says:

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    i am felix. i just set up a blog and still require expert advice from all of you inorder to make it look better.
    please, check my blog and tell me what you think.
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  32. ronelM says:

    very cool and nice idea thanks!

  33. daniel zane says:

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  34. daniel zane says:

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  35. All the posts in this article are worth their pound in gold.
    I’ll be using all the advice I can get here. If I can add a little piece of advice to our fellow readers is to think outside the box for opportunities.
    What I am planning on using is buying tens if used vans on the cheap, have my logo and web address on it and place them all over town at targeted locations. The cost of it will only be penny compared to the income it will generate.
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  36. oliverolsen says:

    People are often trying to figure out how to get attention. Simple solution: create something of real value and give it away freely without opt-in…but with your brand and url all over it. First comes the fame, then come the $

  37. Ipixel says:

    Very nice.
    I once read about a guy who put his ad up in front of a speed camera, so that it showed up on the photograph people received after speeding, if I remember correctly it was a hairdressers ad :)

  38. roza says:

    they are talented people about it and always giving inspiration

  39. Hy!is very good your article!it`s true that people try to get attention though funny ideas!

  40. Oli says:

    I love the streaker idea! I know of a few companies who have purchased tanks and other military hardware to promote their web businesses.

  41. Dennis says:

    really nice ideas :) thanks

  42. Abercrombie says:

    Interesting Article. Hoping that you will continue posting an article having a useful information. Thanks a lot!

  43. Amine says:

    hhhh yeah good idea

  44. Eric Watts says:

    hahaha these are some very interesting methods to promote your business offline! Creative and unique – I'll try them all! Lol

  45. Jay says:

    Incredibly creative… I have to admit I love the streaker idea, my URL is a little too long to fit though!

  46. Brilliant! But realistically, I might try the Dragons’s Den option.

  47. John McNally says:

    The rocket and streaker are my favourites. I live in the Midlands but I’m tempted to travel up to the M56 just to see the rocket. There used to be a Russian Tank in a pub car park on the way to Wales. They are great advertising attractions.


  48. Bit of a ‘cheek’ but they know which buttons to press!!

  49. Ryan says:

    Some great ideas here thanks (although I think I’ll leave the streaking to the rest of you if you don’t mind)

    To promote one of our clients websites we filmed a viral marketing video containing an overweight superhero in a bright green spandex suit. I know that’s an example of online marketing but we also paraded him around the streets of London, which certainly drummed up some interest!

  50. webgen says:

    Haha, Nice.. I’m going to try all of these :P

  51. Stewart says:

    If only we had £30k to spare!!

  52. warren says:

    Sometimes traditional offline methods works better than the lazy traditional ones.

  53. I like the streaker idea, any streakers in the UK interested? Looking to promote, site to presale a movie soundtrack to raise funds for production :)

  54. Thanks for sharing these method. i will try these to promote my new blog.

  55. Myindustry says:

    Thanks for sharing, but not all of them were useful for me according to different culture and economic situation of my place !

  56. waynest says:

    Ha ha ha nice ways to advertise your site I love all the ways.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Uk seo company

  57. Kevin says:

    Oh my god! Those are some real killer ways!! :) Sure to catch the attention of readers.. Good post, enjoyed reading it.. :)

  58. Hehe.. Dint know that the post will have some superb killer ways for promoting by site offline. Cool post ;) You rock, keep posting dude.. :)

  59. The most creative ways always help because it is something different. We constantly see the same different methods repeatedly, but to do something different is what stands out the most

  60. Thanks for such awesome ways. We will try these methods.

  61. karenconnell says:

    I think I’ll have to have a trip up to the M62 to check out the truck.

    But, on the whole, the streaker does it for me :)

  62. Cool blog
    Next time maybe make an offer site for streakers, so they can get customers GG

  63. yusi says:

    hmmm.. showing my back to everyone in the stadium is the killer one :) but i like the others.

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