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April Fool’s Day frenzy 2012

Were you caught out on April Fool’s Day by a clever digital PR stunt? There were certainly plenty of weird, wonderful and downright wacky stories shared via social media yesterday.

Everyone enjoys scouring the net or rifling through newspapers on April 1 to determine what’s real and what’s blatantly just creative writing, so here are few examples of April Fool’s jokes that caught our eye at Branded3.

  • Sony. The arrival of VAIO Q, hailed as the world’s smallest Ultrabook, created a stir among techies and Sony also released a YouTube video that has been viewed over 140,000 times in little over 24 hours.
  • Interflora. The guys at Interflora revealed two new types of flowers – the Tiger Rose and the Leopard Rose – via a blog post complete with convincing pictures.
  • Google. A flurry of activity from Google HQ raised plenty of eyebrows. A new function on Google Maps surfaced for the first time yesterday that allows users to see an 8-bit version of the world by clicking the ‘Quest’ button in the top right-hand corner. Google and NASCAR also announced the launch of Google Racing, which was a concept of self-driving cars.
  • The idea of an iPad version of Hungry Hungry Hippos that has all the frantic fun of the original board game proved immensely popular, although visitors to will be left disappointed after clicking ‘buy now’.
  • The Observer. One of the more obvious April Fool’s stories revolved around Shaun Ryder becoming a special advisor to David Cameron. Stranger things, though, have happened in the world of politics! Staying on theme of politics, the Mail on Sunday claimed the Government were set to tax chilled champagne following the ‘pastygate’ farce.
  • The ECB. The England Wales Cricket Board publicised plans to station ‘Balldogs’ around the boundary rope at certain games to help fetch the balls whenever a four or six is hit.
  • YouTube. The powers that be at YouTube fittingly made a video that has gone viral and had over 1.4million views after giving people the chance to own ever video uploaded to the site.
  • 02. To address the issue of smartphones with a short battery life, 02 released the 02 Jet, which offers 1,000 hours of talk time and can be left on standby for 92 days.
  • Time Out. Time Out reported that the London Eye will rotate five times faster than usual during the Olympics in order to keep up with the increase in visitors to one of the city’s major attractions.
  • Mashable. Pete Cashmore was ousted as Mashable CEO for a few hours by comedian Conan O’Brien, who wasted little time in revealing the future of Twitter before resigning in a series of video clips.
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  • Emma Thompson

    Great summary – my fav was Google Maps & Shaun Ryder

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  • Mikael Rieck

    I know April fools is a big event every year but I really don’t see the point. Sure it might be fun if you realize that it is a joke but what if you actually believe what is being said?

    Would be interesting to read stories about the people that actually make a wrong judgement based on some of these “lies”.

  • Henry Sim

    My son was fooled into believing that one of the local poly has implemented a dress code – all students have to wear uniform from the next semester. There were videos and photos that made it look real. It was hilarious when we later found out it was a prank:)

  • Jason Scott

    Some great pranks pulled worldwide! I personally liked the Sony one, I’m sure out of the 140,000 who watched the video, many fell for it!

  • Simon

    “, although visitors to will be left disappointed after clicking ‘buy now’.”-<—haha, how cute.

  • Gareth

    I like it when big companies do this sort of thing, makes for a good laugh.

  • friv school

    Good info. thanks a lots about your sharing

  • Benjamin

    hehe good fun! thanks for sharing :-) Google and Sony thumbs up :-)

  • Josh H

    It’s such a shame that there isn’t an iPad version of Hungry Hungry Hippos out there!

  • Manchester Estate Agents

    I loved the Shaun Rider one. Really brightened up the office :)