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Blackberry Storm Overtakes iPhone in Search Volume

The Blackberry Storm this week overtook the iPhone and the Google G1 as the most searched for handset in the UK.

Blackberry Storm

It’s the most important Blackberry release since the Pearl in 2006 and is competing directly with the iPhone. Thousands have pre-ordered the device and interest is huge. A post about the Blackberry Storm the other day drew 3000 visitors purely from people searching for the Storm in Google News!

Reuters is saying the Storm will hit the shops on November 14th but Phones4U will have it in stock on Friday 7th.

The Storm has been 18 months in development by RIM and Vodafone — the first time RIM has developed a device together with an operator, and an important step in its strategy to extend its appeal beyond business users to consumers.

A RIM spokesman declined to say how many devices the company expected to sell but said he expected it to be “extremely popular” with both business and general customers.

The BlackBerry Storm’s touch screen indents slightly when it is pressed, and keys on the on-screen keyboard light up when hovered over, reducing the potential for mis-typing that many users experience with touch-screen keyboards.

By Patrick Altoft. at 3:54PM on Thursday, 06 Nov 2008

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  • Vinay

    This doesn’t surprise me.. any upcoming handset would always have a high search traffic.. iPhone has had it greatest moments.. and so did G1. Blackberry has been favourite of many UK consumers.. so no wonder… its getting lot of searches down there. Will it over take the sales of iPhone or G1? I doubt!