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The Day The Blogs Shut Down and TechCrunch Got Interesting

Yesterday was a particularly slow day for the blogosphere and made me a bit sad that most of the blogs I read about SEO & internet marketing are US blogs. A lot of UK blogs are still posting but traffic and readers are well down on BlogStorm.

TechCrunch posted a great step by step guide to creating viral YouTube videos without Arrington knowing. He is “disgusted” apparently. Personally I liked the post, especially the bit about paying bloggers to embed videos to bump up the view count. Very dirty.

Digg also apparently became a dating site which is funny. Does anybody put their real photo on there?

Stay tuned next week for an amazing new blogging & linkbaiting tool and a couple of in depth guides to getting traffic from Google.

By Patrick Altoft. at 9:05AM on Friday, 23 Nov 2007

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    My real photo is all over the web already, so it’s too late. Thanks for the Sphinn, by the way. You’re try to your word about promoting blogs that link to you and it was a nice surprise for me today.

  • Wayne Liew

    I laughed my heart out with the two blunders but the Techcrunch case seems very serious though.

    I guess that spiced up the blog and Michael will have a tough time lecturing the writer.

  • Mani Karthik


    I have an SEO blog, well Non-US ! Hope you like it. Big Grin

    That news piece about dating sites was interesting too.


  • The web feed

    Mani has a good SEO blog. But the thing is, target area of your website.
    There aren’t too many tech guys over here who would be interested only in SEO.
    So there is no wrong if someone digresses from his start topic