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Branded3 go on a desk safari

We’re big fans of BuzzFeed here at Branded3 (who doesn’t love random lists of why the North is better than the South?!) and we especially loved the Desk Safari post today, so we thought we’d do our own B3 version.

So here goes, Desk Safari at B3 Towers!

Head of Creative & Social Andy as a kangaroo.

Emma penguin

Insights Analyst Emma as every SEO’s best friend.

Felicity meerkat

Marketing Manager Felicity doing her best Meerkat impression.

Gina seal

Chilling out on a rock, Content Writer Gina.

David, Laura & Rosanne kittens

Digital PR Executive David, Me (Laura) and Project Manager Rosanne as some purrfect kittens.

Rosanne Chickinson

Project Manager Rosanne couldn’t resist being in twice so here she is as a chicken.

Rob zebra

Outreach Executive Rob showing his stripes.

Doug cat

Senior Developer Doug decided on being a playful kitten.

Our London office also decided to join in…

Mike lion king

Account Director Mike starring in Lion King.

Joe camel

Account Manager Joe choosing a sideways look as a camel.

Jenhao panda

And finally, Search Strategist Jenhao as an SEO’s other best friend, the panda.

So there you have it, our best Desk Safaris, we’d love to see yours too so get involved and post them in the comments below!

By Laura Crimmons. at 3:51PM on Friday, 14 Jun 2013

With an extensive background in both traditional and online PR, Laura is Branded3’s Head of PR & Social and leads our PR team. Laura works on the accounts of our biggest clients, developing and executing creative PR strategies which get brands talked about in all the right places, by the right people. Follow Laura Crimmons on Twitter.


  • Marie Michel

    lol, camel..hands down!

  • Katryn Vonfelsen

    SOO NICE I’m sad that i’ve missed that! :o