Branded3 engineers Interflora ‘Love Machine’

Interflora's Love MachineLove-struck Facebook users can now mathematically calculate how likely their partners are to accept a marriage proposal this Valentine’s Day with the Branded3-designed Interflora ‘Love Machine’ Facebook app.

Our very own Design, Development and Social Media teams built the Facebook app to coincide with the most romantic day of the year, giving visitors the chance to find out whether 2012 will be the most romantic year of their lives.

As a Facebook user, you need only ‘Like’ the page to get the cogs and springs of the ‘Love Machine’ working.

A series of lifestyle and personality-based questions about your potential husband, wife or civil partner for life will generate a percentage to reveal how likely you are to hear a heart-warming ‘yes’.

The Interflora app is based on data collected from a nationwide survey of more than 3,000 participants. Each person was asked for basic information on their hobbies, lifestyle and living arrangements and, of course, how they think they would respond to a proposal this year.

The Love Machine takes the information that each individual participant enters about their loved one and compares it to the survey data to generate the possibility of receiving their partner’s hand in marriage.

Interflora has been harnessing the power of social media with Branded3 for some time now and has seen a significant boost to its following and overall presence as a result.

Even before development began, the survey itself revealed some interesting stats about the besotted couples of Britain. Women, it seems, are 12% more likely to accept a proposal than men in the first 12 months of a relationship and the chances that they would say yes at any point beyond that stand at 70%. Men, on the other hand, at 63%, are either less enthusiastic about the whole idea of getting married or slightly coyer about admitting that they want to get married.

By at 2:05PM on Friday, 03 Feb 2012


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    What they now need to do is develop an app that calculates how long the marriage is last! That will save a lot of future problems.

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