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Can Video on Instagram kill Vine?

Yesterday, Facebook unveiled a new product for Instagram which is creatively named ‘Video on Instagram’.

The new product was launched by Mark Zuckerberg himself at Facebook’s HQ where he also revealed that the Instagram team has tripled in size since Facebook acquired it back in April 2012. The app now has 130 million people using it and 40 million photos are shared daily.

Video on Instagram has clearly been launched in an attempt to rival the massive success that Twitter has seen with Vine which was of course launched back in January this year.

The main differences between the two apps are the length of video (6 seconds on Vine compared with 15 seconds on Instagram) and the advantage that filters can be used with Instagram. Although as you will remember, back in December last year Twitter launched its own filters for photos shared on Twitter so this may well not be far off being integrated with Vine. Another advantage for Vine is that their videos are embeddable which Instagram ones are not at present.

We decided to test out Video on Instagram here at Branded3 to see if it really is a competitor for Vine and test what fun you can have with it. So in true Instagram coffee style, here’s our first video, although annoyingly on YouTube as you can’t embed Video on Instagram videos at the moment.

We also conducted a quick poll in the office to see people’s thoughts on the launch and found:

  • Only 8% of the office use Vine compared with 61% who use Instagram
  • 68% believe that Instagram could rival Vine’s success
  • When asked whether they thought marketers would prefer Vine or Video on Instagram, 0% said Vine, 26% said Video on Instagram and 74% said they thought they’d use both

The main reasons that people thought Instagram could rival or beat Vine’s success were because Instagram is already a platform in its own right with millions of users ready to jump straight on it and also because of the power and user-base of Facebook behind it. Other reasons for people preferring Instagram included that fact that videos can be longer and filters can be used. However, some were opposed and thought Instagram should have stuck to what it was good at (photos).

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this below; do you think it will rival Vine’s success, which do you prefer or don’t you care?

By Laura Crimmons. at 12:17PM on Friday, 21 Jun 2013

With an extensive background in both traditional and online PR, Laura is Branded3’s Head of PR & Social and leads our PR team. Laura works on the accounts of our biggest clients, developing and executing creative PR strategies which get brands talked about in all the right places, by the right people. Follow Laura Crimmons on Twitter.


  • charlotte_varela

    Although I have been trying to use both platforms I’m well and truly in the Instagram camp, especially as I’m so addicted to the platform anyway! I don’t have to create a new account and the videos integrate so nicely with the rest of my feed it felt like a completely natural progression. I did try Vine and compared the two here: