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Get your SEO questions answered today in #B3Brunch at 11:30

Brunch with Branded3Dedicated Brunch with Branded3 room? Check. Two industry-leading SEO experts? Check. Plenty of coffee and muffins? Double-check. Yep, we’re all set for our second instalment of Brunch with Branded3 this morning at 11:30am, and we can’t wait for you to join.

If you’re stopping for a cup of tea and a bite to eat this morning, coincide it with our hour-long Google+ Hangout in which Patrick Altoft and Tim Grice will be answering all of your SEO and Search Marketing questions live.

Patrick and Tim will be leading the Hangout and will be joined by nine Search enthusiasts for what looks set to be an interesting discussion.

Follow Branded3 now on Google+ so you can watch the Hangout live in full, and you can still register here if you want to be sent a link to the video afterwards.

If you’re watching the Hangout, don’t forget to leave us your questions for Tim and Patrick on our Google+ wall, or simply tweet us using the hash-tag #B3Brunch for a chance of getting in answered within the session.

See you at 11:30!

By Felicity Crouch. at 9:31AM on Thursday, 24 Jan 2013

Felicity is Branded3’s Marketing Manager and develops and executes a creative marketing strategy for the agency to encourage new business. With a background in journalism and digital project management, Felicity manages a large number of marketing channels effectively to raise Branded3’s profile and facilitate the growth of the company. Follow Felicity Crouch on Twitter.


  • Gareth

    Perhaps someone would be kind enough to advise me on the following –

    I’ve had my web site for about 3 years. I built it myself and did my own optimization and on the specialized searches I’m always on the first page. On the more generic searches however, I don’t seem to appear at all, at least not in the first 50 pages I’ve bothered to look through. The point I don’t understand is that for the very same searches on images I’m always near the top of the first page. Could someone please explain this massive disparity between the 2 search methods.

    Thank you

  • Alan Ng

    Hi Gareth,

    Without knowing the exact site, it’s very difficult to tell. You say you’ve done your own optimization, could i ask if this was all on page? have you done any outreach or link building?

    Google quotes that they use over 200 hundred ranking signals to rank a site, of which links factor heavily, irrespective of the negative press surrounding them. For a specialist site talking about a specialist subject area there may be so little competition that on page factors and domain authority is enough to give the site visibility. For more generic keywords, competition and search volume will mostly likely be a lot higher, with a lot more competing sites for the same space. In these instances, off site factors will affect the ranking algorithm, for example factors such as links, social and engagement.