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How to get into Google Images without showing any images

Following on from this story I was taking a look round Google Images and found that some results were directing traffic to Digg comments pages.

These pages don’t include many images but they do sometimes include links to images. So if you want to be listed in Google Images simply link to a popular image and it seems like you can replace the original site in the search results.

Whats more you aren’t in danger of breaking copyright by publishing images owned by somebody else.

Lets try Paris Hilton and iPhone

By Patrick Altoft. at 11:06PM on Tuesday, 14 Aug 2007

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  • Paquito

    Publishing or linking copyrighted images is legal?

    I believe in fair-use of copyrighted materials when quoting or similar but, are you sure it’s the same for images?

    Don’t know… Not sure about it Smile

    Regards from Spain,