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Happy Halloween from Branded3!

Fake blood and white face paint aplenty, the Branded3 team have truly embraced Halloween and come to work today in all their gory glory!

Yep, the sight of a giant pumpkin in a wig sat typing and a zombie receptionist making tea is definitely one for the Branded3 memory bank, but just so you can all see our spooky efforts (and so we can forever be reminded of this surreal day) here’s a few snaps of our scary costumes:


She could be straight out of a scene from 28 Days Later, it’s Rosanne ‘brain-eater’ Dickinson

Greeting guests with a spooky stare and a drop of blood in their tea, it’s Leanne Ghoul-lett

Combining goriness with the most gentlemanly of sports, it’s golf mad Matthew ‘hole-in-the-head’ Jackson

Usually our Head of Digital, today he’s Head of Zombies, it’s Steve ‘The Saw’ Shaw

Ever seen a ginger pumpkin look this happy? No, neither have we, it’s Fi ‘Notorious P.U.M.P.’ Dunphy

Combining the ‘Steve wig’ with a spooky costume (creating an unnerving resemblance to Cilla Black) it’s Laura ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ Crimmons

A pathetic attempt at a scary face, it’s me, Felicity ‘bat included’ Crouch

Going out with a bang, best zombie hairstyle award undoubtedly goes to our departing friend,
Steve ‘Le Freak’ Creek

Coinciding with the sad departure of a certain red-headed member of our talented social media team (the tea fiend above), we’ve put our own spin on scary costumes and donned ginger wigs for the day too. Check out these copper haired beauties!

Tell us what you think about our spooky costumes by leaving a comment below!

By Felicity Crouch. at 3:02PM on Wednesday, 31 Oct 2012

Felicity is Branded3’s Marketing Manager and develops and executes a creative marketing strategy for the agency to encourage new business. With a background in journalism and digital project management, Felicity manages a large number of marketing channels effectively to raise Branded3’s profile and facilitate the growth of the company. Follow Felicity Crouch on Twitter.


  • Machin

    I work with some odd people. Lovely; but odd.

  • Puneet Mitra

    There’s only one guy in the world who’d have a golf ball lodged in his skull and laugh…Jackson