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How to become an authority in a new niche

This was originally part of the SEO questions post but it deserves a post of its own.

Tibi asked:

I’ve started a new website focusing on a keyword that is soon to boom and get a lot of traffic in the next 6-12 months. Competition is still small and I’d like to grasp an advantage in the Search Engines in advance. What I’m asking is how do I rank as high as possible for a specific keyword.

Besides link building with the specific keyword as anchor text,meta tags or permalinks. Do you know any secret ninja SEO i might use?

Becoming an authority in a new niche is much easier if you arrive 6 months before your competition. The key aspects you need to include on your site are as follows:

  • In depth articles about your subject
  • An FAQ
  • Glossary of terms (laid out like this one)
  • High quality images that people can use on their own sites in return for a link back

In addition you should start a blog on the site so that anybody who is thinking of creating a site in your niche can read the latest news first. If you make the blog appear credible enough you can get into Google News which will really establish you as a market leader.

The option for people to use the images from your site is an important one. If your niche gets popular and hundreds or thousands of new sites start to spring up with your images and a link to your site your rankings are bound to increase.

My one final piece of advice would be to create a Wikipedia page, a Squidoo page and a page (if appropriate). If all of these pages link back to your site rather than somebody else’s site you are more likely to become an authority.

By Patrick Altoft. at 6:20PM on Wednesday, 26 Sep 2007

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  • Tibi Puiu

    Those are some excellent tips and pointers Patrick. I’ll definitely try all of them.

  • inform-o-scope-usa

    Nice technical comments–also like the idea that to be an authority on a subject, one must take time to become an authority on the subject.

    Are there tools to create a glossary like the one listed?


  • Patrick Altoft

    I’m not aware of any such tools. My guess is you are best hand coding it.