How to Build Conversions Using SEO – Slides from Conversion Conference

Yesterday I was speaking at Conversion Conference about building conversions using SEO. The slides are below.

By Patrick Altoft. at 10:14AM on Thursday, 01 Dec 2011

Patrick is the Director of Strategy at Branded3 and has spent the last 11 years working on the SEO strategies of some of the UK's largest brands. Patrick’s SEO knowledge and experience is highly regarded by many, and he’s regularly invited to speak at the world’s biggest search conferences and events. Follow Patrick Altoft on Twitter.


  • My Social Agency

    Hey Patrick. Really enjoyed that, its one of those that I think about a lot but would struggle to put into such a well thought out presentation.

    All the best – Mark @mark_3000

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  • Cody Baird

    Great share Patrick! CRO simplified. I love your definition….find out why your visitors aren’t converting – fit it. Its easy to get caught up in all the tactics, software, tools, strategies…yada, yada. Keeping it simple is usually the short route to the solution

  • Paul

    I think another couple of reasons for low conversions are site speed – a slow site means people get frustrated and give up … also trust.. checkout /security address/phone number when people see those missing they have a low trust rating

  • Evoworks

    Nice presentation. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

  • Danielle

    Great slides – I wish I could have seen the whole presentation in person. I had the same first thought as Cody. I’m always trying to find the newest and best method/tool and I often get so caught up in that I forget the reason for the tool.

  • Bengo

    This is a great intro to conversion tactics – and an area often overlooked in SEO, but can make a huge difference to a sites revenue or defined goals. Thanks again.

  • 1stcontact

    heat mapping is also another way to help you with conversion optimiisation. It shows which parts of your site are popular and also where your major drop off points ar

  • 1stcontact

    getting traffic is one thing but converting those customers into sales is a different technique all togeher.

  • taxrefunds

    informative post and nice slideshow as well. ill also share it on my blog so that my readers can benefit from all this great stuff.

  • Northern Beaches SEO

    Hi Ian,

    Enjoyed taking a look over that. Landing Pages … Have been reading about some ‘site audit’ SEO services recently which are quite good on split testing on conversions. At any scale, its just ridiculous not to think closely about it. Some SEO’s do often seem lazy on it; but clients get it when you aren’t charging an arm and a leg …

  • Chris

    Excellent presentation, thank you for sharing. I found the stat about 50% of organic traffic entering through pages other than the homepage particularly interesting. And (of course) the bigger the site, the more this figure will vary.

    One thing that I try to keep in mind amidst all the data and testing that goes on, is that at it’s core, an effective landing page should show someone the answer to their question or instructions on how to get the answer to their questions.

  • Colin Clear


    I think the slides on this post are great and are one way of putting a structure on SEO efforts.

    As the owner of a micro e-commerce business who does not have very much technical knowledge can I bring to your contributors attention a tool called Paditrack.

    It simplyfies the process of improving conversion rates by identifying weaknesses in the checkout process.


  • webscape seo

    i really enjoyed reading this blog post, i found it really interesting.

  • Friv

    Excellent presentation, thank you for sharing. I found the stat about 50% of organic traffic entering through pages other than the homepage particularly interesting. And (of course) the bigger the site, the more this figure will vary.

  • Boatshed Repairs

    Really useful slides. For a young webmaster this presentation was very beneficial for my knowledge of how SEO and conversion are entwined.

  • Jan

    This is a great presentation – thank you for sharing.

  • GRose

    Thanks for the great post once again, clear and concise. The structured seo approach was very useful my favourite slide was the segmented keywords section so important for the buying cycle.Cheers!

  • WebsiteTranslation

    Excellent way to make conversions with a conversion conference.

    The presentation is also very nice, but the one flaw that I have spotted is that around page 7 you recommend to take the keywords that rank between 5th and 10th, but do not explain what this “rank” means – it can be subject for interpretation. But the rest is pretty good.

  • Industrial Cleaning

    We recently tried some of the techniques you illustrated above and we have greatly seen our rankings improve. kudus for the good work.