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New Property Portal Goes Live, a new portal for private house sales, goes live today after a year in development.

The brainchild of some good friends of mine, is aimed at the private selling, rental and roomshare market. As far as we know it’s the first portal in the UK to bring all of these areas under one roof, so no matter where you are on the property ladder you’ll be able to use the site.

I was asked to come on board with the project to help with copywriting and SEO, and the last several months have seen a lot of hard work to get the site ready for launch. Luckily for me, the developers and designers are great at their jobs and have put all their skills to good use – we’re really proud of the site and over the moon it’s finally gone live. aims to help people sell or let their own property – we believe you don’t really need estate agents and want to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. What’s even more important, the site is free to use so you save your estate agent’s fees!

Any feedback on the site is much appreciated – may have launched but that’s just the beginning. We’ll be adding loads more features over the coming months. If you want to get in touch about the site, just email zoe [at]

No agents, no fees, no fuss!

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  • Gary

    Great new site, I’ve always wandered how do you build up the content quick, such as getting the properties listed on there. Will you be doing lots of offline promotion work as well?

  • doolally

    Looks a great site, I’m curious though because tesco shut down their site as they were deemed to be acting as estate agents, which have certain responsibilities. Where is the line?

  • tag44 a nice well developed home portal that helps you to search for the room in different areas or to let rent the room, thanks for sharing the same.

  • David

    I read the name of the site as Beth Middleman – thought she was the friend you were referring to.

    ‘Be The Middleman’ doesn’t roll off my tongue.

    I know, – why bring bad news when the domain is bought and the site is up and running? – But maybe it is better they are aware of the potential for ambiguity…

  • SEO-Doctor

    I like the look of it, the big chuncky navigation is pretty cool. Not sure about the long 113 character meta title though.

  • Sven

    Nottingham, no results, Newcastle, no results, Bristol, no results, London, no results.

    Gee, great site that, good luck with it.

  • Phil Green

    The site design looks nice, but the domain is just awful. Maybe I’ve been spending too long on the ladbrokes site but I was reading the first word as bet…

    4 word domains just don’t do it for me at all, and I think this one reads particularly poorly.

    Are you going to actually be an estate agent? You blogged about Tesco’s problems here –, I assume you have something in place not to get hit with the same problems?

  • selinahowells

    Great homepage. Really easy to use. I agree about the name. What you’re saying is be an estate agent! Why would anyone want to think of themsleves like that?

  • Andy

    I agree with Phil, the domain is awful. 5 syllables, a bit of a mouthful and I have to think about it – “be the middleman” – is this some sort of “business opportunity”.

    “Be the middleman” doesn’t make sense. You’re cutting out the middleman. There is no middleman. It’s a nonsense domain name. You should change it.