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Outreach Strategy Brainstorming Template

We all know one of the biggest challenges in building links is keeping it interesting, not just as an SEO but also in terms of the type of content you generate and the sites you target in your outreach. It’s far too easy to find yourself writing OK content about the same old news and contacting the same type of blogs again and again.

That’s why, quite some time ago we put together this fantastic outreach brainstorming template and we thought, well, wouldn’t it be nice to share this with everyone else?

Below is a basic downloadable version of the type of template we use here at Branded3 with some added advice and tips.

The template should only be a guide to nudge you in the right direction and make sure you’re looking at every angle of the outreach strategy, most of the time you’ll need to customise it depending on the site and industry.

Regular reviews of outreach strategy are essential and this should always include a brainstorming session for content and outreach targets, not only could you identify new sites on which to place links but you can also come up with some fantastic content ideas and it’s a great way to keep the whole team up-to-date with a client’s social and PR activity.

But most importantly it’s a great way for us to come up with some crazy content ideas have some fun!

If you require any further insight or training on your outreach or content strategy in general get in touch [email protected]

Brainstorm Template – New clients outreach process

By David Smith. at 2:44PM on Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012

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