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Social media to the rescue: Facebook group locates lost dog in 24hrs

Over the Christmas period (which seems an age ago now!) something happened to me which made me realise the true power of social media. Via a Facebook group, social media helped to bring a complete bunch of strangers together to help find a lost dog.

Recently, I joined the ‘Stuff For Sale In Selby’ Facebook Group which helps people in my local area of Selby sell or giveaway any unwanted items they have. On 27th December, during the post-Christmas, pre-New Year limbo, I was browsing the internet when I noticed the following post published to the timeline of the ‘Stuff for Sale in Selby’ Facebook group:

Tracey Scott

Being a dog lover and owner myself (and a sucker for a happy ending), I immediately empathised with the owners of this missing Sharp Pei and decided to follow the updates hoping the dog would soon be found.

Shortly after the initial post went live, the owners of the dog – who were also members of the Selby Facebook group – joined the conversation and started to feed information to other group members of what the dog looked like, where it had escaped from and where it was last seen.

One of the pieces of information was that the missing dog – Sadie – was last seen on the estate I live on, so naturally, I had a quick look outside and saw groups of people looking around the streets and calling out the dog’s name.

Check out this picture of the lovely pooch in question:


I joined the search party and continued to follow the conversation on my smartphone, after about two hours of searching, the owners reluctantly called the night search to a halt and announced via the Facebook group that they’d restart the search in the morning.

Restart in morning

The morning came and we all re-grouped and began the search again, Selby locals kept in constant communication on the Facebook group and reported any sightings on the timeline:

FB conversation


FB conversation 2

Based on the flow of information on the timeline, it was easy to narrow the location of Sadie down. I drove through Barlby and spotted a dog looking out from some closed double gates, I was sure this was Sadie and tried to approach her. Once she was safely in my car, I looked again at the Facebook timeline for the owner’s number to call and eventually reunited a safe – albeit very cold – Sadie with her family.

Sadie reunited


Sadie reunited 2

What a relief! Sadie had gone missing from 6pm on the evening of 27th December and I managed to find her at 9am the following morning over three miles away from where she escaped.

Now don’t worry, we haven’t turned B3’s blog into a hub of lost and found stories! But what I wanted to highlight was the sheer power of social media to really help people in a crisis, it’s incredible to think about how much information we can communicate nowadays to thousands of people in a second based on what we would have been able to do even 10 years ago.

Without Facebook, Sadie might not have been found. This is what social media is all about; connecting people in a positive way.

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