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Social Media Round-up: Facebook grows up & Path causes controversy

Older users drive continued growth in social networking:

  • Details Ofcom have found that the amount of adult social media users has had a ‘significant increase’ (58%) in the past year. Users between the ages of 55 and 64 has grown 45%.
  • What does this mean? – If your target audience sways more towards the older generation this could be great news for your brand and greater incentive to invest in social in general.

Silver surfer

Pinterest gets new look and new features:

  • Details – There have been some changes to the layout and the way Pinterest works.
  • What does this mean? – If your brand uses Pinterest, you might be interested to know that your content now has far more potential reach since the @ symbol is now in use on posts and creates a link to other social channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Create a Facebook advert that appears only on the feature phones:

  • Details – Facebook now allows you to aim your advertising at users who use only feature phones, meaning you can really drill down into some specific customer profiling.
  • What does this mean? – Feature phones are non-smart phones that use the internet. If you use Facebook advertising you may want to use this highly targeted feature to speak to the type of customers who use feature phones. Check out the Creative Ad Placements section on the Power Editor tab with the advertising menu for more highly targeted campaign ideas.

Facebook ad


Path is outed for their anti-social ways:

  • Details Stephen Kenwright’s blog outingthe social media platform Path for contacting his friends and family after he had uninstalled the app caused controversy for the app creators.
  • What does this mean? – Since there is no form of advertising on the social app at present, the news does not hold too much relevance to those in the social media marketing industry but it is certainly something to keep in mind for the future , if and when Path become monetised by advertising.

Instagram introduces ‘Photos of You’:

  • Details – The photo-sharing giant now allows you to tag in pictures, not only other personal users but also brands that happen to have accounts.
  • What does this mean? – Like other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram is now allowing photo tagging. Many brands find that they are being mentioned on Instagram but find it very hard to identify users and more so, engage with them. With the new system, it will be far easier to find fans of your brand and if you set up and account, amplify that engagement.


Instagram Photos of You


LinkedIn have added in-app sharing and influencers feed to Android:

  • Details – Since being bought out by LinkedIn just under a month ago, Pulse have introduced some helpful updates to the Android app.
  • What does this mean? If your business is on LinkedIn you can now share articles and follow top influencers on the go through the Android app. An iOS version will be following shortly.

LinkedIn on Android

Facebook have been pulled into the Social TV ring by CitizenNet:

  • Details – Digital Marketing Tool creators CitizenNet have found that ‘Facebook behavior is indeed correlated with TV viewing’.
  • What does this mean? – Television and social have come hand-in-hand for a while now and with the rise in ‘second screening’, marketers have really started to notice.
  • You can take hold of this power and use it for outreach and conversation on your social channels. Also, if you happen to be a producer of a television show, the research indicates that ‘for each 3% increase in Page likes, there tends to be a 1% increase in TV viewership’ so there would seem to be a lot of reason to invest in a social marketing strategy on this front.

LinkedIn now allows you to ‘visually enhance’ your profile with rich media and images:

  • Details – The professional platform has brought their user profiles to a whole new level with this update. LinkedIn now allow for you to add videos, presentations and images to your profile, massively enhancing your experience on the channel.
  • What does this mean? – While there is no mention of the new features rolling out to brand pages yet, this update is sure to be on the horizon and in the meantime, it may be a good idea to make sure all of your staff have their profiles up to date and are using the new features to their full potential by adding images of work and presentations. The new online portfolio style to LinkedIn also means that your recruitment efforts could be enhanced significantly.

Facebook announced Q1 2013 report:

  • Details – Facebook has released the first quarter’s earnings report for 2013.
  • What does this mean? – It basically means that Facebook has not hit the growth or revenue targets it had set but there is still a substantial increase in users worldwide so no need to abandon your Facebook marketing efforts just yet. All the numbers can be found in Facebook’s Investor Relations section.

Facebook opens new brand resources site:

  • Details– Since there has been a slight re-brand of Facebook’s logo, they have set up a new assets site.
  • What does this mean? – If you use Facebook images or logos on your site or anywhere within your business, you may want to make reference to this site to make sure you are using Facebook’s imagery legally.
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    Facebook is lagging in many European customers. I hope they will do something to get back. thank you