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Social Media Round-up: Facebook hashtags and Twitter battles

There’s one story that’s dominated the social media scene this week, but there may be a few others that have passed you by! Take a look at what we’ve been reading about:

Facebook introduces clickable hashtags

  • Details –  May as well get the big story out of the way first! Yes, Facebook has announced the use of ‘clickable’ hashtags which means you can not only click on a hashtag used in a post to reveal all posts using that term, you can use the native Facebook search bar for the same function.
  • What does this mean? – The introduction of hashtags on Facebook means brands can finally get relevant content in front of target Facebook users who are not existing fans of their page, for free. Before this, the only methods would have been through paid advertising. But I’m sure Facebook will find a way to monetise this new system and I don’t think it will be too long before we see promoted (paid for) hashtags, the likes of which already exist on Twitter.

Keep an eye out though, Facebook did end its announcement with this statement: “Hashtags are just the first step:

“We’ll continue to roll out more features in the coming weeks and months, including trending hashtags and deeper insights, that help people discover more of the world’s conversations.”



Dulux smashes the Facebook hashtag

  • Details –  Since it’s such a massive story I thought I would make an example of a brand who’s use of the new technique was particularly avant-garde – Dulux
  • What does this mean? – Dulux was one of the first brands to make use of the new functionality, incorporating it within their content strategy. At the moment, there are not too many brands on the band-wagon and Dulux is dominating for terms such as #seasidechic and #roomsets in the mini Facebook hashtag SERPs (not that these will be hugely competitive terms!)


Facebook allows personal users to drag images into posts

  • Details –  This may be a new function that has been over-shadowed by the hashtag update, but it’s still a note-worthy step forward for Facebook.
  • What does this mean? – The ability to drag images straight from your desk top and other files straight into your status update window is a really nice touch. The functionality has been available on Google+ for some time now, and on Facebook it has not yet rolled out to brand pages but don’t be surprised if you see it coming soon.


Foursquare presents its Time Machine

  • Details –  Social check-in  tool Foursquare has announced its new app which allows users to not only track where they have been but where they might go in the future.
  • What does this mean? – Foursquare is a really fun social app that is often forgotten when it comes to social strategy. It can be used in all kinds of ways in social campaigns, especially those that integrate on and offline activity. Perhaps this app might bring Foursquare back into the limelight.


Burberry sends kisses

  • Details –  This is simply a lovely campaign from high-end fashion brand Burberry. It allows anyone to send a kiss to any recpient world-wide.
  • What does this mean? – The campaign uses facial recognition technology that takes an imprint of your pout to seal an e-love letter. There is a massive social element to this campaign as the impressive nature of the process makes it extremely sharable while the emotional element entrenches brand advocacy.

Pinterest says ‘bonjour’

  • Details –  Pinterest launched it’s first non-English incarnation this week and started with France.
  • What does this mean? – The pin-board style social platform has allowed for many different languages to be used in its settings for a while now but this is the first localised non-English version of the site. The move on Pinterest’s part is indicative of the massive international growth it’s seen over the last two years so if you are thinking about adding Pinterest to your social arsenal, now might be the time to start building an audience.

YouTube’s new one channel layout

  • Details –  YouTube has rolled out a new channel layout for users with a large amount of content.
  • What does this mean? – The reasoning behind the move is that some users may have felt that their channel was a little haphazard, especially if they have a large number of videos. Previously the only way in which videos were sorted was through chronological order.

The new channel layout is really exciting; it’s scalable so it works on any type of device, you can create your own trailer for your channel and there are functionalities that not only enhance your ability to sort content but gives your channel are far more visually recognisable branded style.

All of these functions, when used properly, could be the key to maximising subscribers to your YouTube channel and will more than likely be rolling out to more channels soon.

Twitter’s API V1 is axed and with it, TweetDeck for iOS and Android

  • Details –  It’s been a long time coming but Twitter’s developer’s blog has finally announced the retirement of their API V.1 and have moved, somewhat seemlessly into V1.1.
  • What does this mean? – If you have any apps built on the old Twitter API and have not heeded their warning of its termination, you might find you are going to have problems soon. If you need more information on how to fix any problems you are having an idea of what can be done with the new version, check out the overview here.

The unfollowable Twitter account

  • Details –  Fiat have created a Twitter account that cannot be followed – @Abarth500_DE
  • What does this mean? – The #ZeroFollowers campaign really is a leap of faith for Fiat. Their strategy to create an account that cannot be followed is a brave one, but it is not unstructured. They have the support of their campaign hashtag, a decent established audiences on their main Twitter accounts that can be used as leverage in the seeding process and a creative approach that DM’s any person who does try to follow with this message:

This week’s Twitter battle: HTC and Samsung

  • Details –  The Twitter battle between mobile phone producers @htc_uk and @SamsungMobileUK, one that was later jumped on by tech ginat @LGUK can be found here.
  • What does this mean? – The idea of Twitter battles between brands is nothing new, we all remember the spat that @UKTesco had with @O2 in October last year,  but this one seems to have come with a particular sting in the tail from HTC. In a move that may up the ante of future Twitter battles, HTC went one step further and actually bid on their competitor’s brand name with a promoted tweet in the native Twitter search results which really added insult to the injury of their original tweet.

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  • Rik Kendell

    This is the first I’ve heard of the Foursquare Time Machine, I’m going to hopefully have a better look tonight as it throws a JavaScript error for me here at work!

    I like the idea of the “unfollowable” Twitter account by Fiat. Never seen that before!

    • georgia

      Hey Rik,

      Thanks for the comment. What browser are you using at work? Weird you’re getting a JavaScript error.

      I love the Fiat idea too, so often the most brazen campaigns are the best!

      • Rik Kendell

        I’m using Firefox mainly, but I also tried in Chrome. I’m thinking it may be this computer now, as Twitter is giving me the same issues. I’d love to see where Foursquare thinks I might go in the future – and how accurate it turns out to be!