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Social Media Round-up: Facebook releases related Hashtags & Vine bites back

There have been no massive updates in the world of social, (which has come as a surprise given the last couple of weeks!) but there have been a few important moves that may have slipped under your radar:


Facebook releases related hashtags

  • Details – Facebook really wants people to get talking. This is no secret since the formula for monetising its site is in the potential reach it can offer advertisers. By introducing related hashtags into the existing hashtag search, it seems that Facebook is hopeful that strangers with similar interests would then convers and link, making for more rich data within the Facebook graph.
  • What does this mean? - Since the launch of Facebook hashtags there have been many great guides on how to use them well but as the related hashtags function is the first update in the function so far, marketers are realising Facebook are just scratching the surface when it comes to the real potential of this tool.

Facebook opens the activity log

      • Details – Facebookusers can now use their activity logs to schedule posts, but only for the past.
        • What does this mean? – The functionality seems a little strange but it may help those who like to sort their life’s big days around their Facebook timeline.

  • For me, it would be far more useful to be able to schedule posts for the future like you can with Facebook brand pages though this step may be just around the corner.

  • Another note I would make is on how user friendly (or unfriendly!) the process of setting a date is; there are far too many drop boxes and far too much room for error. Perhaps they should look at this before rolling out scheduling capabilities.

Vine Selfies

        • Details – Vine has released an update for Android users that gives support for front facing cameras.
        • What does this mean? – Since the big news at Menlo Park last week, Vine has been doing its fair share of teasing to keep users loyal. While this update only really puts Vine on par with its multi-filtered, Facebook owned counterpart Instagram, there’s no doubt something big is coming on the tweetvine.


Twitter notifies for favourites down the line

        • Details – It has become apparent to a lot of Twitter users that they are being notified when tweets they are mentioned in are being favourited. Prior to this, Twitter would only notify you when your own tweets were favourited.
        • What does this mean – By doing this, Twitter is bringing you into a world beyond your existing connections. Will it be long until users are also notified when tweets they are mentioned in are retweeted? This is surely a far more useful notification since a retweet is a much bigger and more public appreciation of your content.


Is there a place for Google Glass at Wimbledon?

        • Details – American tennis star Bethanie Mattek-Sands made possibly one of the most unprecedented requests regarding her attire at the British lawn tennis – to wear her GoogleGlass
        • What does this mean? – If Mattek-Sands is allowed to wear the Google branded head piece, we could be in for a first person Wimbledon experience, the likes of which we have never seen before and could pave the way for more in-action experiences of sport to come.

Real-time Twitter trending at Glastonbury


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