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Social Media Round-up: LinkedIn adds new features & Facebook goes video

Google+ Hangouts introduce new functions

  • Details – Google has introduced new user functions for its Google+ Hangouts such as on-air video processing and immediate publishing. Viewers now also have the ability to live rewind during a Hangout.
  • What does this mean? If you use Hangouts as a means of outreach, customer relations management or simply in an attempt to grow your audience on the channel (something which, in my experience, is a very lucrative strategy in terms of G+ fan base) your experience, as well as that of your viewers will be enhanced and the process streamlined.

 LinkedIn introduces Channels

  • Details LinkedIn Channels  make it easier for users to find, aggregate and share the information they find on LinkedIn.
  • What does this mean? LinkedIn has long been about the individual over the company and this update further entrenches that trend. With this update, it is even more important that you are educating your staff about LinkedIn as well as encouraging them to create and cultivate their profiles. Since users can now sort their content by ‘Influencers’, it would be a shrewd business move to ensure your staff fall under that category.


New updates to Google Maps

  • Details The Google Operating System – Unofficial news and tips about Google blog have leaked some images of what the new Google maps might look like.
  • What does this mean? Google is holding its annual I/O conference next week on the 15th of May and is expected to unveil this new layout for Google Maps. The new interface will feature a full screen map and display all search information at the bottom of the screen. There are no exact details about the new layout at the moment but having your full Google profile set up, including your Google places and Google+ profile will more than likely benefit your output as a business on the new interface.


Facebook set to launch video ads in July

  • Details – Furthering its mission into monetising its platform, Facebook has gone another step forward with video advertising.
  • What does this mean? Facebook is entirely aware of the growth and potential of online video and next month it is opening up the power of video adverts to the selected few.  Among those chosen for the dry run are international brands such as Ford, American Express and Coca-Cola. If you use Facebook advertising for your brand, it would be advisable to keep an eye on how well these brands do and start thinking about how a video strategy may benefit your brand.


LinkedIn introduces CheckIn

  • Details – As part of the LinkedIn Talent Solutions group of products (recruitment), LinkedIn has launched a mobile app that ‘radically simplifies how recruiters collect and manage candidate information at event’.
  • What does this mean? One of the biggest uses of LinkedIn is for recruitment and they sure make the most of it. They have streamlined the recruitment process here, looking specifically at the recent graduate market. If you use LinkedIn to find new talent, log onto the new app and try it out for yourself, there are instructions on its Slideshare channel.


Users still spending more time on Facebook but Google+ is going slow and steady

  • Details – Global measurement company Nielson has supplied Mashable with information that shows the average Google+ user only spent around six and a half minutes on the platform throughout the whole month of March 2013. This is in comparison to the six hours 44 minutes spent on Facebook.
  • What does this mean? Although it is a stark comparison (one that is contended by internal statisticians at Google) in comparison to the same time period in 2012 it does show Google+ is edging along while Facebook’s user ship decreases. There are still a lot of merits to using both platforms for online marketing and outreach purposes but how each should approached is completely dependent on your brand.


Facebook redesigns it’s newsfeed (again)

  • Details – Facebook’s new newsfeed is designed around the information they have gathered about how users act on their site. They believe the new layout will ‘focus more on stories from the people you care about’ and unsurprisingly given the news about video advertising, will focus more on video and image content.
  • What does this mean? If you have a brand page on Facebook it would seem that video and image content will be more important than ever. You should consider the quality of the imagery you are releasing and ensure it deserves the spotlight given from the platform.


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