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Social Media Round-up: Twitter experiments & YouTube announces Pro Series

Well, Twitter has certainly had a busy week, very busy, in fact there is only one non-Twitter related update to check out this week:

Vine gives way to Instagram (for now)

  • Details –  Information from Topsy last week saw that far less people were sharing Vine links, with Instagam links on the rise.
  • What does this mean? – For marketers, especially those who have built-up a good audience on the platform already, this is not a sign to leave Vine. In fact, if you think about it, with less people making Vines, your message is far more likely to be heard. Also, as mentioned in a previous Social Media Round-up, Vine is teasing with new and exciting features that may just see them nose ahead of Instagram again.

Vine graphFrom Topsy

Vine’s Back!

  • Details –  Vine have made some mega-updates to their video-sharing app in the wake of their loss to Instagram.
  • What does this mean? You can find the app for iOS in the app store here and as they say, it’s their biggest update yet! Amongst the much anticipated Vine updated features are the following:
    • Re-vining: You’ve been re-tweeting for years right? Well now you can re-vine too!
    • Channels: A much better way to search for and organise your videos.
    • Focus grid: Now you can keep your stop-frame animations nice and steady with the focus grid and ghost tools.
    • Private accounts: Got some private Vines? Now only your followers can view them.

A cheeky tweet from Ashley Cole

    • Details –  Footballer Ashley Cole was seen tweeting a blatant promotional image for Samsung along with other members of the England football team.
    • What does this mean? – There are strict rules about celebrity endorsement of tweets, but the ASA do confirm you have to clearly state in every advertising message that you are promoting a product. This includes tweets.


It all goes back to the Jordan – You’re not you when you’re hungry tweets for Snickers.

@TwitterUK is two today!

        • Details –  Happy second birthday @TwitterUK
        • What does this mean? Twitter UK is celebrating its second year of the handle @TwitterUK and by doing so has created a special Vine:


A really interesting blog post full of interesting UK-based tweet-bits of information as well as this tweet map of the UK:

Translations for tweets

      • Details –  The uproar in Cairo, Egypt has prompted Twitter to roll-out translations on its native site for quicker insight into the on-going situation.
      • What does this mean? – Twitter is constantly striving to give its users an enhanced experience and the company is well aware that tweets are often at the source of the most cutting-edge news stories. It’s no surprise then, that Twitter is giving a more rapid connection between people and the news they care about most.

On an interesting side note it looks like Bing might be winning on the social translation front as Facebook also use Bing’s services on their own native site.

Twitter is experimenting with ads

      • Details –  Twitter blogged this week about its new targeted ads.
      • What does this mean? – As is usually the case, improvements are only for US users for now but we are more than likely to see them roll out to the UK soon. Twitter advertisers can now share scrambled emails (hash’s) from their own email lists as well as cookies from their websites with Twitter to give them an insight into who might be interested in their brand. This information will mean that Twitter promoted tweets will be seen not only by people who are interested in their products but also those who are already customers or visitors to their site.

YouTube announces ‘YouTube Pro’

        • Details –  YouTube is promoting its new video series ‘YouTube Pro’, a video help service turning channel owners into pros.
        • What does this mean? – This is another avenue for YouTube to monetise its platform, by creating super-loyal power-users they will create super-loyal fans and with these helpful, pier to pier user guides on how to cash-in on your YouTube following, we are bound to see more and more people giving the YouTube cash cow a stab.

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