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Social Media Round-up: Twitter shows us its cards and Pinterest goes big

The social scene was busy across the board this week with buyouts, upgrades, new functions and even a chance for a little social media flutter. Here’s our round-up of the social highlights from the last 7 days:

Yahoo! buys Tumblr

  • Details –  Interactive blog platform Tumblr has been bought out by multi-faceted web giant Yahoo!
  • What does this mean? – There is a lot behind the move in terms of revenue for Yahooo! You can read more about the acquisition in our full blog post from Tuesday.


Ladbrokes gives odds on the next Yahoo! buy out

  • Details –  In a tongue in cheek entry, UK betting giant Ladbrokes have issued odds for the next company Yahoo! are expected to buy out.


Pinterest partners big brands

  • Details –  Pinterest has partnered-up with big brands such as Target, Sony, Netflix and eBay to bring a new level of information to pins.
  • What does this mean? – Any social media platform wants to keep traffic on their own site and this move helps Pinterest retain users, minimise click outs and maximise time on site. As you can see from the image below (courtesy of Pinterest), there is far more information, in this example a whole recipe, with the inclusion of a small logo of the brand who initially share it. This moves Pinterest to an interesting new place within the world of social platforms, they are keeping their layout and UX clean, like Google+, while finding a way to monetise their activity but not to the aggressively saturating extant that Facebook are.


Pinterest Categorises Pins and introduces ‘Pin it’ buttons to external mobile apps

  • Details –  Pin categories help Pinterest users navigate the site with ease and the Pin It functionality creates seamless interaction with the platform outside of their own app.
  • What does this mean? – As well as the new functionalities mentioned in the previous point, the use of full recipe information, brands can now also add product pins with pricing and links to e-commerce sites as well as adding ratings, cast members and extra information to movie pins. Obviously the new functionalities have been designed with the needs of the initial business partners in mind but it seems we are only looking at the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the potential of Pinterest, this can be seen with the penetration into other company’s mobile apps.


Flickr revamps

  • Details –  Photo sharing platform Flickr (also bought by Yahoo! back in 2005) has had a massive revamp, but it has not been without problems
  • What does this mean? – The revamp introduced bigger images, a terabyte of storage for every user, and a shiny new UI. This is a big change to the old pricing structure that was based on the amount of storage you were allowed. Now the only thing you have to pay for is an experience minus the advertising. This is a shrewd move from Yahoo! as it means it is giving with one hand – the terabyte of data, yet taking away with the other – far more advertising for users who don’t have a premium account.

Today the site seems to have an outage for the first time since the revamp, (perhaps it’s all those terabytes of storage they are giving away!) and users were met with the ‘Flickr Panda’ for the first time.




Twitter introduces Lead Generation cards

  • Details –  Twitter announced on Wednesday that they would be introducing Lead Generation Cards
  • What does this mean? – The move from Twitter to add a functionality within their ‘cards’ that allows users to share their information with a company without leaving the page is good news for users, good news for brands looking for leads and of course, good news for Twitter since they have found a way of keeping users within their platform.

Twitter recruitment

  • Details – In addition to the Lead Generation Cards, Twitter have released the same functionality but for the of recruitment.
  • What does this mean The Nexrt Web reported that Twitter account @Makeitinireland was the first, and as far as we can see the only, allowed to use the new feature in this way. Again, this is great news for users, great news for brands looking to recruit and great news for Twitter. But perhaps not very good new for recruitment agencies.

Twitter introduces mobile verification

  • Details – In the wake of so many high-profile Twitter ‘hacks’ the micro-blogging site have tightened their log-in policy introducing a two-tier authentication process that involves a mobile device of some kind.
  • What does this mean  – Since the recent spate of Twitter hacks, some of them comical others far more serious, high-profile users have been crying out for tougher authentication processes and this is just one of the ways Twitter is attempting to put people’s minds at ease.

Twitter launches charts for #music

  • Details – In April Twitter rolled out the newest addition to their expanding service range; #music which has been growing in popularity since.
  • What does this mean  – Twitter has taken a novel route to categorising music and musicians across it’s platform and not only classifies  by genre but also by the rise and fall of the artist’s popularity with categories such as ‘unearthed’ and ‘superstars’.
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  • Carmen Rane Hudson

    Oh wow, I really like those Twitter lead generation cards. Those are both intuitive and helpful. Time to do some more research on those.

  • Anna Pham

    Great news from both Twitter and Pinterest, thanks for sharing Georgia.