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Social Media Round-up: Video with Instagram and Twitter acquires Spindle

Facebook had some big news to announce from their Menlo Park HQ last night which seems to be the biggest story in social this week so let’s start with that:

Instagram introduces video

    • Details –  The Facebook owned image sharing platform has introduced video sharing
    • What does this mean? - In an effort to better it’s rival Vine Instagram offers its own short shareable movies with added features. Needless to say Branded3 have had a play a play with the new technology and the complete rundown can be found here.

Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

Facebook lets you add images to comments

  • Details –  Another update rolled out a little more quietly by the social giant is the ability to add images to comments.
  • What does this mean? - The update is certainly an improvement on the user experience of Facebook as the move allows for more flowing conversation and lends itself especially to the way Facebook is used in a mobile capacity. The new function is only available to a small amount of (American) users so far but will be rolled out slowly to all users soon.

    Facebook lets you arrange by top comments and recent activity

    • Details – The final update from Facebook is this small adjustment to the way brand pages can arrange comments made on their Facebook posts.
    • What does this mean? – Facebook has been experimenting with the way in which comments are arranged for a while now. First there was the grading of comments, were Facebook would simply ramp the comment with the most interaction to the top of the list but this caused a lot of confusion as conversations seemed disjointed. Then came the rumours of up-voting, a concept that never really seemed to materialise, but now brands have been given the power to display the comments the prefer at the top, a massive advantage for brand pages with a large, engaged audience.


    Twitter Acquires Spindle

    • Details Spindle, a ‘social discovery’ engine, has been reported as Twitter’s latest acquisition.
    • What does this mean? – Spindle ‘joined the flock’ on the 19th of June and ‘sunsetting the Spindle service to focus on these new and exciting opportunities’. Local search is something that could prove very valuable to Twitter and adding this expertise to their arsenal could mean some big changes in their native search which, at the moment, leaves a lot to be desired.


Vine is teasing

      • Details – Ahead of the Instagram’s news this week, Vine gave thanks to all of its users with this blog post. Since then, co-creators of Vine Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov have been leaking Vine videos through their own Twitter accounts on what possible updates they have in store for us.
      • What does this mean – It comes as a surprise to no one that Vine are creating intrigue around the launch of Instagram video this week. What is refreshing though is that the creators are doing it in an interesting way. Here are some of the videos and what they think they might be trying to tell us:

This Vine, with accompanying text simply ‘Tinkering’ is, from what we can see, showcasing some possible new shooting features such as lens modes like fish-eye, as well as borders.


This next video from Rus Yusupov looks to be showing a whole new range of editing abilities such as deleting and moving scenes in post production

A second video from Hofmann shows a particular interest in the conversational aspect of Vine. Perhaps this could see the start of Vine style direct messaging?


Stay tuned for more updates on the Vine situation and more in next week’s instalment.

If you have spotted something interesting in social this week please leave us a comment below.

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