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Tim Grice Joins Branded3

Hello all, just a quickie to introduce myself.

My name is Tim Grice and I am the new Search Strategist at Branded3, there is a chance you may have heard of me before or come across my blog SEO wizz, it has had the odd mention here and there :)

I am a real search addict, starting around 4-5 years ago when Adwords was first taking off, going through the affiliate marketing phrase, losing lots of money, losing lots of Adsense accounts (also having some success :) ) and well here I am.

I have been working freelance for the last 18 months slowly building a client base and expanding my portfolio with excellent results working with clients in the UK and US.

I got to a point where either I invested to take it to the next level or I looked to take my skills to a new company and more prestigious clients, Branded3 are local to me and after meeting with Vin and Patrick the choice was an easy one.

As I said I am passionate about search and am hoping to add a real bang to the online marketing team here at Branded3, hopefully I’ll have a few opportunities to fire some posts out here on blogstorm but if not you can catch me at SEOwizz.

Bye for now.

By Tim Grice. at 12:26PM on Wednesday, 24 Feb 2010

Branded3’s Director of Search Tim Grice is an influential blogger and speaker in the search marketing industry, having led the search strategy of some of the biggest brands in the world. Regularly quoted by the biggest resources in digital marketing, Tim has an enviable reputation as an SEO thought-leader. Follow Tim Grice on Twitter.