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Top 10 Worst Websites You’ll Wish You Hadn’t Seen

Remember back in the mid-nineties when websites were a bit of a novelty? They didn’t really serve much of a purpose and, all things considered, were pretty hideous to look at. Common design features were primary colours, flashing letters, poor quality pictures (sometimes hastily Photoshopped together to create a digital collage).

As the web has evolved considerably over the last couple of decades, site design and functionality have changed massively, too.

Unfortunately (and surprisingly) there are some websites that are still stuck in a bit of a time warp, sporting clunky designs, an overload of information and some pretty poor quality images. These are surely the worst websites on the internet.

Ugly tub

Thinking of replacing your old bath tub? Go right ahead, because this website doesn’t really persuade you to do otherwise. A combination of flashing poor quality imagery, tiny fonts and garish colours in conjunction with the limiting frames that minimise the site to a small window in the centre of the screen, makes this one of the worst offenders on the web.

Mr bottles

Presumably, bottle collecting enthusiasts the world over already know about, the online hub for everything you need to know about your bottle collection. Aside from the pillar-box red typeface clashing with the colourful bottles in the background, there are also some poor quality pictures of happy bottle owners on rotation.

Jami Lin

Jami Lin “Love Love LOVES helping you to evolve” but could use a little of her own advice to revamp her website. Collages of images, videos, links, adverts and copy are all crammed into the centre of the site. This surplus of images and text is a little overwhelming and offers little in the way of clear navigation.

Turn your sound on for the ultimate online experience…

Wholesale meats coventry

Okay, so the title and imagery certainly go a fair way to suggest the purpose of this website, but if you’re really clueless about this company, the numerous floating images of raw meat should give a couple of hints. This isn’t the worst site on the web at the moment and there’s useful information at the bottom of the page, but it’s just a baffling shame that users need to scroll past numerous pieces of floating meat to get there…

Gates N Fences

This Florida-based company might have a site design that’s stuck in the past, but they’ve also decided that the best way to encourage user engagement is to completely bombard them with information on the homepage. A few small, low quality images are scattered throughout the page, but nothing to break up the large amount of text. It hurts.

Penny Juice

Even though Penny Juice has a page that asks “Who is Penny Juice?”, the blindingly gaudy colours drown out any form of explanation. There doesn’t appear to be any navigation tabs to help you find out more. But there is a picture of a baby and a speech bubble and everybody’s favourite font: Comic Sans.

Bolen Report

Another offender from the 1996 school of web design is the Bolen Report. This site also crams as much information as possible onto the site, boasting as many as four full feature articles on the homepage.

James Bond museum

For decades, James Bond has been gracing the silver screen as a charismatic, charming and ultra-slick secret agent. Yet, the website for the James Bond museum, with its stark background and Times New Roman typeface is a little underwhelming. Barely echoing the character of Bond himself, the homepage is a sour shaken and stirred cocktail of menus, hyperlinks and random imagery.


There’s little clue as to what this site actually is. Looking a bit like an early web version of the Argos catalogue, this site is genuinely baffling. Scroll down and you’ll continue to see more of the same cut-and-pasted low quality images with links. There’s a search box at the top that’s handy – providing you’ve got some idea of what you’re looking for…

Rudgwick Steam Show

RUDGWICK STEAM SHOW! This in-your-face site makes full use of collage imagery, primary coloured fonts and random floating GIFs! It’s difficult to glean any useful information from the incredibly busy homepage. Even the navigation tabs at the top of the page don’t provide any helpful information. Users have the option to scroll through the images of Punch and Judy, tractors and chickens interspersed between random details about the event.

If your website has appeared on our list then, please don’t be offended, but it might be time to consider a redesign (if you can still access it, that is…).

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Jo is part of Branded3’s Content Team, writing a range of editorial and creative pieces for our clients. With a BA in Creative Writing, Jo is now completing an MA in Writing which involves penning a full length novel of publishable quality. Jo is also a successful blogger and has written for various sites and blogs across the web.


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  1. Aww now that just makes me feel so much better about my own sites! Though I owe it all to those talented WordPress theme designers.

  2. Dave says:

    You forgot Aaron Wall’s first site

  3. Vincent Chow says:

    Why people are still paying to host such websites? One of the mentioned site is offering site design and have whole load of explanation about websites, it has hint there the website was there at around 1998. Gosh..

  4. sirjorge says:

    this is a great post, and the best list i’ve ever heard.

  5. B10G says:

    Great list, I’ve been looking round trying to find a site which would beat these 10 but im not sure it’s possible!

  6. Chris says:

    £89.99 to register a domain name AND £2 a month?

    Don’t use them, I can do all that for a one-off charge of £100 ;-)

    It annoys me to think that they may actually con someone into paying that….

  7. Ling’s is a p*sstake, shurely?


  8. Paradoxical Entity says:

    That image heavy Norwegian one isn’t bad. I guess the loading could prove an irritation, but I wouldn’t call it ugly.

  9. Wiep says:

    Wow, flashback!
    How about this banner:

    (submit your website to 70,000 search engines)

  10. Jordan Levy says:

    I’m going to have nightmares about these websites tonight.

  11. Nate says:

    Some good finds. Here is another good one.

  12. Adam Taylor says:

    Are you serious? That Norwegian site is dog..

  13. Steven Snell says:

    Thanks for not including me on your list.

  14. Danny Lister says:

    Loving your post. I’m too afraid to look at the mentioned websites. Danny.

  15. Dale Hay says:

    Ewww. They are hideous! That jesus one is hell to the eyes, why use a horizontal scrolling background image of rainbow colours. Yuk.

  16. Andrew L. says:

    Wow. Just… wow.

    I especially like the one offering to design your page for you.

    It makes my brain hurt just to think about it.

    Best one was the first. Look at the source; that’s why MS Word should never be used for design…

  17. AucklandSeo says:

    I don’t actually understand that, is it really so hard to redesign site? Smile

  18. James Omdahl says:

    WOW! I’ve always wanted to write a post like this but I’ve never seen sites THIS bad. Amazing job!

  19. James S says:

    I suppose they work well as some weird form of linkbait. I cant see how anyone would get a car off Ling even if its cheap would you ever trust anything from a website like that!

  20. Exaakax says:

    This page is gold!
    My company had a site like those before I got hired and insisted on changing it.

    Thanks God I insisted, or the whole Diggsphere could have been digging my company’s lameness.

  21. markowe says:

    It is hard to grasp, but there are people out there with NO concept of design or aesthetics. Couple that with the attitude, “Why should we pay someone a fortune to design our site? It’s easy, John in IT can do that”, and some bright spark, John, who knows how to use 5 basic HTML tags and there is your result!

  22. Jordan says:

    These are really awful, and I think the Jesus and VF Designer sites are vying for worst of the worst. Ling is kinda cute, though.

  23. eurekan says:

    ok-you guys gotta see this one:

    note: these guys SELL COMPUTERS!

  24. Scott says:

    It would really take some effort to beat this list, nice job.

  25. Pjay says:

    I, too, tried the site in multiple browsers and I can only say, “I think they meant it to look that way.” Firefox, Opera, and Safari all rendered it the same way for me, and IE slightly differently. Neither looked good.

    I disagree about the spinning rainbow Jesus site, though. It’s definately the worst. I think I had a seizure just looking at it.

    I am a bit embarrased to admit that I could have designed the blue-green and yellow insurance site, though. My taste is that bad. It’s why I don’t do web design, no matter how much someone asks. I’m addicted to the blink tag.

  26. markowe says:

    That Franz one – laugh all you like, but he apparently has over half a million visits, and a Pagerank of 4..! That’s more than I have, that’s for sure! Hmmm, how does it go again..? , {font-color: garish;}…

    (P.S. Weird, your blog has me as having posted a blank comment…)

  27. Minterest says:

    Good find…. but most of them have a good PR…

  28. Jake says:

    There are some great tips for making pages almost as great as these at:

  29. Caribwebdev says:

    whew!…mine didn’t make it ^_^

  30. Angela says:

    If only I could show you the website my boss put up for our paper instead of paying me to do it. He takes the “bite off his nose to spite his face” to a new level.

  31. shy guy says:

    Hey my blog not include?? It is quite surprised..

  32. Drew Bennett says:

    LOL. Man, this crap is the biggest joke i’ve ever seen.

  33. John Candy says:

    The worst website I’ve ever seen is

  34. Carly says:

    Some of the sites on there are offensive to me! Especially Web Wizz. I hope that is a joke, I really do.

  35. Haha awesome post.

    Re: MSY, you wouldn’t believe how popular they are. Often when you go to the stores, the line stretches right out the door.

    The stock is just a mess everywhere so when you get to the front of the line you just tell the staff what you want. Crappy design but cheap prices = loyal customers.

  36. Montoya says:

    That Ling has been spraying Whitespace Remover all over her site.

  37. Quotes says:

    I’m just glad that the websites I did back in the 20th century were on free hosts and have vanished by now (I think). I’m sure they were similar. I’m thinking that somebody just left these up since then and forgot about them.

  38. Hey, everyone, it’s fantastic to be on this list. I will be promoting my position soon on my site. Just to let you know that my website will move well over £25 million UKP of new cars at retail prices in 2008 (as I write this Nov 9th, I’m up to £23 million). That’s ALL from my website, I have no physical sales point. Goes to show, not everyone likes clean, cool design Smile Websites should give a warm feeling of individuality, I think. You can tell there are real people behind these sites, not just some corporate body paying £25k to a web-design company for the usual corporate rubbish.

    See you online Smile LOADS of visitors to my site from here, btw.

    Glad to see there are so many web-experts out there (you are funny onions Smile) – if anyone can beat my web sales (total income 2008 £250,000UKP – that’s over $1/2 million USD,) let me know and I’ll listen to your expertise. Hehehehe.

    I’m based in Gateshead, UK.


  39. ben says:

    Honestly there is way too much stuff on ling cars. It hurts my eyes and doesn’t look at all professional. The fact that she has made so many sales is mind blowing to me. All I can say is congrats!

  40. Ben, I know this is not the place to get into a discussion (maybe it is), but I will explain my reasoning, just so you don’t think I’m completely bonkers.

    I work in an environment (new cars, UK) where the franchised dealer rules. They have posh brick and mortar premises but generally poor (no emotion) websites. Plus there are lots of companies doing what I do, new car brokering – of various flavours. They tend to have poor, non-dynamic or wrist-slashingly boring websites. ABC Leasing, that sort of name. All these websites built to a price and rarely updated, and with cars as content.

    I am a Chinese bird moving new cars in the UK. Do I stand a chance? No. So… I decided to make my uniqueness my USP. Me. Now, I need traffic, for that I need lots of content. Natural Google searches account for more than 60% of all site traffic. I do not buy adwords. I go off on tangents and get publicity instead, like with my nuclear missile truck (really). When people arrive on my site, I need them to stick around, as I need to infect them with enthusiasm and emotion. Or else they will buy somewhere else, somewhere more professional. So… I make the site really rewarding. I don’t want to list the stuff on there, but for example I post 10 free lunches a day (dry noodles), plus I have had over 130,000 views of my viral, funny youTube vids. I have to be different, so I am. Some people stay for hours. Live chat. Webcams. Accurate info, loads of entertainment, much mockery. “I cannot do miracles, I am Chinese not Catholic”.

    I cannot earn money being “professional” in the trad way, so I just provide the best service and publish over 700 customer letters. Fun sells, sex sells, emotion sells. These are all things cars have, so I use them. Professionalism rarely sells (maybe doctors and lawyers excepted). I don’t analyse my results as well as I could, I just count the UKP’s.

    I do have the most environmental info, all the NCAP crash tests, all the car cc’s, worthy stuff like that.

    The UK motor trade, in general, hate me for doing it like this. Mazda blacklist me, BMW complain I distress their “brand”, a finance company banned me for saying their service was “poor”. However, they can’t ignore me. I want to be the car customer’s champion.

    Hope this helps, if not, take a big aspirin Smile. Sorry about the migraine my site can induce.

  41. Kristoffer says:

    The only acceptable use of the blink-tag is:
    Schrodinger’s cat is not dead.

  42. Guy Fuller says:

    I have to agree with Ling. What’s up front is what counts in the internet web business game. Lets face it, you only have approximately 30 seconds to convince a possible customer to your site that they need to stick around and look at what you have to offer. The best way to do that is to stick the product right in there face along with the price and more than likely they will buy it or leave it. Unfortunately with my site Best Jewelry Boutique I couldn’t get to a “one click sell” which is what you really want to achieve on any e commerce web site.

  43. whit says:

    i think i’m going to be sick… o_0

  44. Christopher says:

    What I noticed about Ling’s site, is it’s colourful, not the boring run of the mill, like the corporates sometimes have.

    Thing is, corporates try to be ‘the professional’ – the ego gets the better of them and so they must display their expertise. The mind set is that a bunch of exams means they are better than the rest out there, well, Ling has 2 degrees, yet her site speaks more and does more for her than her qualifications ever could.

    My argument is I couldn’t care less what someone’s exam results are. But can they do the job better…. It’s rare that a website ‘protects’ people, and that’s what people need.

    PS — I have no connection with

    • patrick says:

      Ling site is fowl is suck big time considering im a ict student training to be a web designer i can see how god awful that site is. I contains far to much information and half of it is completely of subject they go on to the website for insurance not stupid of key information quote being “i eat dragon for breakfast” that has nothing to do with car insurance her site is horrendous it breaks every rule i learned about making website it the worst way possible so here what i think of that site and you can quote me on this. I would rather chew glass than go on that site again

  45. Chetan says:

    ha ha.. a great domain name with such a cheap design.

    Atleast now they have changed it!

  46. Rick Blears says:

    As it happens, I used to lecture on Graphic Design on a degree course. It’s a highly subjective business. There are no hard and fast rules. Uncluttered swiss railway signage is not necessarily ‘better’ than the front page of ‘The Sun’. It’s a question of taste, appropriateness for function and what works. is a brilliantly successful website around which Ling is building an extremely valuable business. It is highly distinctive, memorable and effective. It is beating the pants of its sparser, more restrained (and more boring) competitors’ sites every day. Her level of virtually viral site traffic is truly phenomenal. She is neither stupid nor ill-informed. The site became chaotic due to market forces and commercial evolution, like ‘The Sun’.

    The deliberate cluttered ‘look’ is it’s unique point of difference.

    Arty, spacious, stereotypically precious typography has got nothing to bring to the party!

  47. lisa says:

    Even without a WordPress/Blogger theme I can design a better looking site than these!

    I can do it in Frontpage better than these!

  48. The jesus one, shut down my mozilla. Otherwise it was very funny. I think our agency should take some tips, they are soooo damn colourful.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  49. Even using both sides of my brain I couldn’t process all the information on Lings site.
    Tables and tables and tables and also some tables and not a summary, caption, colgroup or table header in sight.
    I’d like to watch the reaction of a blind person listening to Lings site being read.
    Guess blind people don’t drive cars then…
    See, in everything there are little blessings. ;-)

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  51. I hope you didn’t just stumble upon these sites hay what you gonnna do if they make money great for them

  52. Shaun says:

    I just through up a little in my mouth. ;-)

  53. Kelvin Lai says:

    OH man I wish I can have a site with that kind of STYLE. SEO it and promote my product successfully with this crappy funky look. lol

  54. ajfiel says:

    Amazing…now i’ll sleep better.

  55. tyna says:

    Those sites should get a web designer,am glad i didn’t stumble on any of them.First impression matters alot especially in online adverts.Thanks for showing us these sites.

  56. [...] Slechte websites Dit heeft niets met Jane te maken (compleet off-topic dus), maar ik (=Wilte) vind het zo grappig dat ik het jullie niet wil onthouden: Top 10 Worst Websites You’ll Wish You Hadn’t Seen. [...]

  57. These are the people that usually get more work than the pros. This is the case in my area, it is obvious these sites are poorly designed.

    People will pay for a cheap website likes those above shown, just to save money. But later on these are the same people that are complaining that may site is not getting any visitors or traffic.

  58. kianoosh says:

    oh my god!these sites are the worst websites i’ve ever seen they’re just waste of space….

  59. Andrea Smith says:

    this is a bad website that you people heve and you guy need to fix it and make it better then it is areadly

  60. These website owners must be very surprised that they suddenly get traffic boost since this blog post talked about it. It is good thing for become worst website. :)

  61. There’s poor old me agonizing about colour schemes and font sizes for my websites and then I get to see some of the most garish, eye-searing,fit-inducing ‘websites'(I use that term loosely) and I suddenly realize that the worst of my sites is like the jewel in the crown in comparison.

    Ling seems to be doing very well despite her comic-book of a website. The dinghy insurance one should be insuring hewed-out log canoes – it’s that ancient looking.

    Most of the rest are like an explosion in a paint factory.

  62. Darlehen says:

    It is nice to see Germany already being presented ;-) I could send in 100 most awful German list and you would be even more shocked by the .BMP artist we have here!

  63. Dave says:

    And for lack of all creativity and thought try this one I saw guys!

  64. Speedteach says:

    Wow, I have not seen such websites already long time

  65. Sunshine says:

    Sunglasses on for this one …

    It will give you a hernia.

  66. Alan says:

    Check out this one. Wow! Bad idea. Worse site.

  67. Matrix says:

    This just cracks me up. i havnt stopped laughing yet after i read about Web wizz.

    My sides hurt so much from laughing, the best line i have found on their site is this:

    “We’ve struggled to get to grips with new technology ourselves”

    Talk about how to sell yourself

  68. Matrix says:

    I think frontpage is to blame for all this ;)

  69. James says: IS ACTUALLY A GOOD IDEA A INTERNET TIME capsule as well as huge cheap marketing for businesses so i think its overall a good idea just site needs a bit better look

  70. Ashok says:

    ya really these sites are worst. i don’t like these site.

  71. Ross says:

    That was painful, but great post!

  72. Wow… I thought I had seen some bad ones recently, but no comparison at all =P

  73. Jim says:

    Don’t forget Just click around if you don’t take my word for it…

  74. David A says:

    Ow the migraine !

    You should put a health warning on


  75. Is Free says:

    I guess their web master already forgotten all of these website. They rarely update their site.
    I think the colour theme do drive people away but the worst thing about these websites have useless contents.
    This post brings back lots of traffic to those website I guess.

  76. Muurtegel says:

    Omg lol!
    I thought my website was bad xD

  77. Chaitanya says:

    Wow Worst websites of the world…..
    You know what even worst websites are useful sometimes. Like this list now…
    I have to select a bad website and do a Heuristic analysis on it.
    This list helped me a lot….LOL

  78. David A says:

    Hi I’ve commented above but after taking a closer look you know I have a sneaking admiration for Ling’s site
    You have to admire the sheer amount of effort that has gone into that site and it’s in Ling’s own unique style.

    The world is a better place on account of people like Ling and being in the top 10 is a little harsh.

    that’s said Lings Cars Website has exactly achieved it’s reason d’etre we didn’t know about Lings Cars we do now and do you know we won’t forget.

    Best of Luck Ling
    All the Best


  79. Judy says:

    Thanks for providing information and prices of different variety of shopping product. I need this info because i am using online shopping services.

  80. webhosting says:

    Thanks for sharing it

  81. kevin seo says:

    lol, those website owner will thank you for your ad for them

  82. Thois is the Web site for the Birmingham Amateur Football Association and I challenge anyone to contact any of the named officers of the organisation

  83. John says:

    These are pretty bad i have to admit, but i found one that can turn anyones stomach. Have a look at what bad is, Colors don’t match, pictures are stretched, too much content all over the place. This one should be added to your list for sure…

  84. David says:

    I agree John, when I was checking out more of their site, I noticed a lot of spam, misspelled words, but mostly from a person name Skull. I can’t look at the site anymore. I wonder what kind of person made that website. This should be put in the best of the worst.

  85. Kevin says:

    I came across this site when I was looking for patio furniture The cheesy gifs and just plain hideous layout, the stuff they are selling is really expensive — which makes it even more laughable.

  86. Alvin says:

    Look a bit deeper at Lings site and you will see some excellent content.

    I can guarantee the site will be a major player in the world of car sites.


  87. usenet nut says:

    Looks like first year test webpages infact i think school kids have a better command of html than these sites. They should stick to buying from site flippers

  88. Courtney says:

    One of the worst on the web….for men and women. The site states that all users have full control of their posts to edit and delete…. hit that post button and your in BIG trouble if you thought you had some type of control on the forum boards. The webmasters are nasty too. Don’t dare ask to have something removed because then they will make sure it stays and gets Googled too. If you read many of the posts, people are begging and pleading because the site doesn’t work. Really sad and has my vote as the very worst site on the web. Hope it goes away soon.

  89. MMM HMMMM says:

    Hey, everyone, it’s fantastic to be on this list. I will be promoting my position soon on my site. Just to let you know that my website will move well over £25 million UKP of new cars at retail prices in 2008 (as I write this Nov 9th, I’m up to £23 million). That’s ALL from my website, I have no physical sales point. Goes to show, not everyone likes clean, cool design Websites should give a warm feeling of individuality, I think. You can tell there are real people behind these sites, not just some corporate body paying £25k to a web-design company for the usual corporate rubbish.

    See you online LOADS of visitors to my site from here, btw.

    Glad to see there are so many web-experts out there (you are funny onions ) – if anyone can beat my web sales (total income 2008 £250,000UKP – that’s over $1/2 million USD,) let me know and I’ll listen to your expertise. Hehehehe.

    I’m based in Gateshead, UK.


    Yeah, sure.. okay. Maybe you could post a picture of your webs stats?

  90. Madman says:

    I’d have to disagree that Ling throwing all the information in the end-user’s face is a good thing. If you’re going to do it, at least give it a little structure.
    As an example, I’ll take one of the most popular websites around: a website so popular that there’s probably not a soul that hasn’t heard of it and lives 50 miles from a computer. A site so popular that it has other websites built around it, and a site so popular that the name of the site is used as a verb instead of a noun: Google.

    One of the biggest reasons Google is so immensely popular isn’t because of the information it displays, but HOW it displays it. It displays the most relevant information at the top, with sufficient space between lines to make it easy to read: it doesn’t have flash adverts everywhere, preferring text adverts (that only relate to the search terms, meaning you only get advertisements that might interest you to boot), and clearly separates the advertisements from the main text using a very discrete colour change and a consistent structure: adverts at the top and right, search terms in the largest space in the bottom-left. The website gets out of the user’s way in order to deliver the user the information they went to the website to get. The search page is incredibly simple, giving the user what they want and nothing else. Even when they click on iGoogle, the default is a simple blue at the top and bottom, with all the information you want in the white space and clearly visible. Even if you change the theme, the white space remains white space, diverting your eyes from the website itself and to the information you wanted the website to display. The links at the top are deliberately discrete: the user doesn’t physically see them or pay any attention to them unless they’re looking for them, in which case they seem to jump to the user’s attention as they are at the top of the screen.

    “Vandelay Design” (Steven Snell, the big red “V” above) has a similar design feature: you barely notice the links at the top as you read the information about the company, until you don’t want information about the company any more but instead want information about hiring the company to design a website for you, or how to contact the company, in which case the links at the top seem to jump out at you. On the main page, information about the company and information about the company’s works are clearly separated, diverting the potential customer’s eyes to exactly what they’re looking for almost instantly. It’s very well designed, with a feeling of warmth to it (due to the darker-then-pure-white colour scheme, the nearly-black-but-still-red background colour and the gentle gradient behind the very simple and easy-to-remember logo). Though it is a warm and welcoming page, again it gets out of the way of the user, giving them only what they’re interested in. I’d like to congratulate Steven for his excellent website design (checking the portfolio here can show that this philosophy carries through the company’s works to the customers), and announce my sheer envy at not being able to do something similar or better :p

  91. djnforce9 says:

    I’m surprised wasn’t mentioned. It’s an e-commerce site with everything all blended onto one big ugly (primarily red, yellow, and white) page.

  92. drew says:

    Awesome. Love the “accept jesus” one with the rainbow background.

  93. Tim Hawkins says:

    Isn’t Ling a client of yours??? Not sure why then your pointing it out as one of the worst websites you’ve ever seen???

  94. P.Burton says:

    Hah, very funny. Check out: for another one

  95. Brian S. says:

    I have seen some horrible websites in the past but I have to admit this guy WEB KING takes the cake! I have never in my life seen such a poor excuse for web design. And he calls himself a WEB DESIGNER!! Take a look at HIS site and then check out some of his CLIENT SITES!! You can bill WEB KING for the Pepto-Bismol! UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE!

  96. Jerkin' me beanstalk says:

    P. Burton –

    Did you notice these “Neon Dork” leggings?

  97. Pic says:

    Why people are still paying to host such websites? One of the mentioned site is offering site design and have whole load of explanation about websites, it has hint there the website was there at around 1998. Gosh..

  98. Jason says:

    They look like a 3rd grader made them.

  99. fhaye says:

    she sure was mad to be on that list. but if the site got a lot of traffic, then why dont hire a professional web designer? who knows that might also increase more traffic.

  100. Okay, that was, well, somewhat enlightening. Enlightening in a way that as an online marketer, it made me really realize the importance of desogn whenever you are creating a site since this will serve as your clients’ first impression about it. However, putting too much color or pictures to the point that it already looks like a collage makes it a bit unprofessional and a sure way to ward of readers. Sometimes, if we want to get intact with our creative side, we should make sure that we are utterly balanced with everything else.

  101. Joseph Mwanhaqualugai says:

    I Had Nightmares About Those Ones!
    If Those Websites Were Films They Would Be 18s

  102. [...] for more?  BlogSpot includes the other seven that made their list here.  Keep submitting your websites – we’ll continue to post some funny links along with some best [...]

  103. Erin says:

    Ling’s is the best website ever! The way she climbs down off of the blue crayon smiley and then just stands there with her hands in her pockets will haunt my dreams. It’s like a tiny grown up Samara Morgan.

  104. some on please call the ambulous! i think i’m going to pass out !!!!!!!
    thank god i’m not on there!!! wwh…

  105. mIKE83 says:

    Ive made far worse back in my AOL new to PC days. Luckily for me I had a brother whos a master of computers and programming. Not that I am now, im just not as bad as I was.

  106. Paul says:

    Some haven’t heard about not using scrolling text:

  107. [...] very well organised compared to my handwriting If you want to see something really horrible… Top 10 Worst Websites You’ll Wish You Hadn’t Seen I want to die peacefully in my sleep, just like grandpa. Not screaming and panicking like [...]

  108. Aj says:

    this one give it a look

  109. I don’t understand why people do this. If your website is going to look tacky, cluttered, and unorganized, then what’s the point of even having one.

  110. ranyah says:

    wtf??? these websites suck. get a life! they’re pain the eyes!

  111. canethrasher says:

    The worst I’ve come across, this is one is actually kind of cool in the way it almost celebrates its atrociousness:

  112. Rambo says:

    Heres another one for you:

    This guy actually offers website design! CRIMINAL!

  113. jake says:

    u focking idiots

  114. dheminsley says:

    In reference to rambo’s post if you post anything like that on another messageboard again I will find out who you are and where you are and sue your little backside for defermation of character

  115. RadioGaGa says:


    obviously your site!

    That is SHIT buddy.

    Anyone who uses your services is fucking MAD!

    You should be in jail!

  116. dheminsley says:

    Well you would say that wouldnt ya, Jealousy eats you up my friend

  117. Clayton Y Thornton says:

    And I thought mine was bad……

  118. Rambo says:

    Miss that post Dave — we’ve decided to make it a mission of ours to pass on your excellent work and blog about it!

    You should be pleased!

  119. HelenPR says:

    Ling you may be a web-designers nightmare but you’re a PR person’s dream! Keep up with the self-promotion and you can’t fail.

    Best wishes


  120. Eko Widodo says:

    Please check this following url

  121. Leasebam says:

    I had visited Lings website about 3 times before I got it. At first it was like an awful record that did not make sense, but after a while it grew on me and now I think it is sopt on. I can’t help thinking there are some serious business owners who keep away though.

  122. steve says:

    just to add to the list of bad sites, have a look at this website

  123. Lol Duck says:

    The Church one is crazy. I cannot believe they allowed that on the web. It’s all lie’s. Wow. That’s really sad. =/

  124. Lol Duck says:

    omg. that one’s terrible. :O

  125. jake says:

    suck my dick dheminsley faget

  126. Gromit says:

    DavesWorldUK may have changed, but it is still crap and offers full website design for poor buggers who take his offer up. Still, he has no portfolio examples, so here’s hoping no-one has.

    His website is designed in FrontPage, and he offers logo design for £75 when he has clearly downloaded a rotating .gif from some free crappy gif website!

    Man this guy is off his head.

  127. John says:

    That “Accept Jesus, Forever Forgiven” website is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Too bad the developer didn’t intend for it to be a joke. The funniest thing of all is that that piece of crap has a PR of 5 and has thousands of sites linking to it. If only my website could do that well. Hmm, maybe I should add that scrolling rainbow effect to my site. Hmm…

  128. Christine says:

    you think you’ve seen the worst? check this out:

  129. [...] usability, design and functionality of the site was so poor that is is often on every top “ugliest” website design lists around the [...]

  130. jlawac says:

    I agree completely with myspace as number one, the site is hard enough to navigate without the random spikes of blaring music and flood of high resolution pictures.

  131. here is a grotesque site of an angelically brilliant band: KEANE:

    what happened with the previous design which was quite nice? I have no clue.
    But this new version is a disaster, talking also into account the quality of the band and hence the discrepancy between that loose design and their divine music.

  132. tim franklin says:

    looks like there are a lot of jealous people /salespeople mad at ling

  133. [OvO]wl says:

    Fuck me. I’ll have nightmares now for weeks.

  134. ipixel says:

    My alltime favorite
    The guy all webdesigners LOVE to hate, but should partly listen to.

  135. This thread just refuses to die!!

    Two and a half years on from the blog post…

    Following advice from Patrick in 08 and last year, I incorporated some tabs and better navigation. I’ve done lots more work, and menus, but increased the “flashing gif rate”, too. Added loads more fun stuff.

    My monthly visits have now rocketed to well over 100,000 per month (more than doubled) and the predicted £25 million of cars in 2008 (see early replies) jumped to over £35 million!

    I have been selected as the NatWest/BT Business woman of the year in 2009 in the EveryWoman Awards, for IT and Communications. Presented by the Prime Minister’s wife at the Dorchester.

    I have won many other awards, notably the Worst Business Website of 2009 by Vincent Flander’s Web Pages That Suck. I am particularly proud of that award. What does he know? Look at HIS website! hahaha!

    Web Designer magazine had to do a Humble Pie Eating news item this month when one month after proclaiming me the WORST site, they noticed my NatWest/BT Award and made a massive retraction and apology in the next issue. Hahahaha (again!).

    Computer Shopper (Zygote) said: “The leading evangelist of treating website customers with intelligence and collaboration is Ling Valentine”, and Retail Week sandwiched me between Apple (really!), Amazon, eBay and Ikea as one of “50 Retail Websites you have to Visit”. Respect!

    I now publish 1,500 customer letters, fully attributed (and now paginated to 56 pages, that’s a whole ream of A4 paper if you print it out).

    So, thanks to people who “gettit” and BRING IT ON to those myopic nits who just can’t see why people l-i-k-e my website.

    It is certainly not rocket science, it is human interaction (see my LIVE visitor sitemap – unique in the World), but it seems there are too many Rocket Scientists reading this blog. Easy answer: Make stuff colourful and flashing!


  136. [...] And this site just cracks me up…I couldn’t resist….The 10 Worst Websites. [...]

  137. Seriously, i’ve created better things in the bottom of my toilet after eating nachos with extra salsa.

    BUT THIS WAS — the best post ever.

  138. tom says:

    ling, stop trying to trick everyone here into thinking you have a good website, its ugly and tacky and appeals to the nations unintelligent

  139. [OvO]wl says:

    Stop acting like a ginger Tom.

  140. Oli says:

    That first one reminds me of a 1980s computer game! Hehe.. I know a worse one though. Check out the site that the company I’ve just started working for was using ( – so bad! I’ve already got a better one online at which will replace it soon….. but still the boss keeps ‘steering’ me towards making a poo one again!

  141. Josh says:

    OMG crowded or what at least u can buy lots of stuff on it so you decide

  142. [...] 24, 2010 Filed under: Uncategorized | I couldn’t help but share these truly terrible websites with you. A bit of fun but also a definite [...]

  143. [...] it but I’d respect it. Rep. Tom Calter came here – stood in front of both CFO and the Middleboro BOS and stated his position relative to a sovereign indian Middleboro casino in clear and direct terms. [...]

  144. [...] you could do with it but also what you shouldn’t do with it.  Blogstorm put together the Top 10 Worst Websites You’ll Wish You Hadn’t Seen so designers could see exactly what was wrong with that spinning flashing logo or why you should [...]

  145. Jules says:

    Heh heh some of them are even worse than my original website…

  146. Poor Student says:

    Oh nO! where is my eyes?)) i look through this sites and lose my eyes)) help me!!!

    LOL xDDD

  147. Hi all, I must be the least creative person I’ve ever met and even I cannot find words to describe some of these sites. Have a shuffty at this one (went all wobbly when this popped up!)its a prime example of why people like me should let those who know what their doing, do it!.

  148. RaulJones says:

    Ling website still up. Big wonder in brain…why sucky site not pulled as a public health menace? Customer letters mean caca. Get neighbor kids much candy for make fake letters. Ream of paper probably found at goodwill. Website bad enough to cause cancer.

  149. call me Roy says:

    The website “Funny or Die” changed my information after I registered with it. I noticed the change and contacted them asking what had happened? They emailed back saying “Yea, we changed something, we thought it would be funny. I am now checking if they broke any laws. What a bunch of pudknockers.

  150. MariAlice says:

    you forgot :) worst website ever bunch of dipshits with no life :)

  151. ken says:

    These just get worse

  152. Some classic websites there even our first sites launched 10 years ago when I was at school don’t match

  153. Nicchan says:

    Thank you for posting this, really help for my assignment reference^^

    Btw, where’s the link to the original site for the very first web shown on this post?? The insurance’s page has changed & I can said it’s going better

  154. bambam says:

    …my first web page ever …looked like!
    …mmm…maybe not…

  155. Cherie says:

    Agree – they are all pretty bad however they are not exactly commercial brands are they? so I guess they can afford to be bad, cheap and nasty. Their best bet would be for students at College or University to contact them and perhaps do some work for them? Other than that I really do not think they are going to damage anyones lives … perhaps eyes.

  156. I have to agree that these are sites that need an extreme makeover haha. If they were a real company they can hire a designer, do offshoring, it’s cheaper. Maybe they should consider making their sites simpler to make it clean.

  157. helenmiles says:

    go on…try and make sense of it….

  158. Fahmid says:

    shuuuu….now i fell like my website isn't the worst….

  159. janni says:

    WOW they were bad

  160. Wow, these are indeed terrible!
    In UK, if you type car leasing, you can find a VERY BAD site on the first page of Google that seems to be selling like crazy.
    That's insane how sometimes totaly confusion can work on conversions.

  161. carleasingmadesimpleuk says:

    This is a great list!!! Kudos to the people that compiled it. They should learn from good websites like when designing website for commercial and business purposes.

  162. Rob says:

    haha i remmeber the crazy owner of lingcars coming on the english version of dragons den, haha comical

  163. Johnny B says:

    Terrible – the link to the designer’s site is broken! It’s not much better

  164. Thomas says:

    I have a winner, or loser, depending on your view just one look at the site and you will see why. The funny part is if you can find their link to the guest book and actually read some of, it several people say they like the “”artist look of the website.

  165. shawn says:

    another horrible site:

  166. Alex says:

    These websites are very crap. Lingscars has improved overtime and some of the websites people recommended aren’t that bad either. Thebestwebsiteever is just an insult to its’ name. The pictures are squashed, there are enough gifs to give you a seizure and the owner appears to be a 17 year old chav who’ll most likely join the army due to the huge amount of tanks and guns on the page. He says something like ISY’s project 202 meaning it was a school project or something. If he won then the teacher or whatever must have been his parents or a crap web designer. and dheminsley SHUT THE FUCK UP. Your website is shit so just admit it. I designed a better looking website than you when i was in year 5 just aged 10. Rambo and RadioGaGa are right. YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY FROM THE EXTRA VIEWS YOUR WEBSITE IS GETTING.

  167. brandon rigger says:

    have a look at this site : i think this is personally the worst site in the world, if u agree with me, message me on

    this it the website:
    may take a while to load

  168. ekushay says:

    People should learn to respect the fact that somebody had taken the time to construct these “terrible” websites.

    However horrible they are, it was made by somebody – and that somebody, like all humans do, has this thing called feelings.

    Well done guys! You’ve just 1-upped yourselves while cyber-slapping someone across the face. Keep trashing!

  169. Johnny B says:

    Part of the point of this thread is to improve web standards. Some companies are just lazy when it comes to setting up websites. A website is like your shop window, so if it looks rubbish, why should anyone do business with you?
    As Ling Cars has demonstrated, you can learn it yourself and actually her current site although rather busy, is a lot better and does the job.
    There’s no excuse for being lazy.
    Also, I would imagine many of these sites have been constructed with poor software.

  170. James says:

    Ling’s website is a work of genius. Sure, at first glance it looks like a genuinely bad website circa 1996, but it’s so chock full of charm, warmth and humor that you quickly get sucked in and all of a sudden it doesn’t seem so chaotic, it just seems like a very entertaining site that’s full of personality and information.

    I’m a website design snob. I look at sites and think “that’s so last year.” But Ling’s website is one of my favorites for sure. She seems like a really great woman to do business with and business is obviously in her blood. I’m not surprised the site has been so successful for her, it’s a work of art. I can stay on there for hours.

  171. Master says:

    He he, it’s awful :)

  172. mahendra says:

    I agree completely with my space as number one, the site is hard enough to navigate without the random spikes of blaring music and flood of high resolution pictures.

  173. [...] give hint to why some of the most terrible (read: I would rather gouge out my eyes with a spork) websites on the internet exist, or why interfaces like this even pass a usability test. The basic principles are being [...]

  174. Mike says:

    I agree regarding all the website designs shown above are pretty poor designs, however I don’t agree with lings site, I think she is a very clever at marketing and getting noticed and I think she has created a site exactly to her requirement maybe it isn’t the best looking site in the world, but it fits her purpose and from what I hear is getting her sales.

    It will be interesting what effect Google Instant Preview has on designs, and the amount of people who choose to look at their design again.

  175. Jason Bourne says:

    No no no.. You’ve missed one… This isn’t a spam link. This site should be on the list!

  176. Rebecca says:

    Here are some websites that are badly designed:
    Very hard to navigate around, even though some people LOVE this website..
    I think this website is just plain badly designed. Simple as that.

  177. James says:

    you forgot Encyclopedia Dramatica

  178. Adamantus says:

    A note on Lingscars. I nearly had a job with them once. The word on the grapevine in newcstle is that they do this on purpose to get publicity, which seems to be working. Unethical but aparently effective. I just hope other companies don’t follow suit, imaging being a disability user on that site.

  179. Adamantus,

    You are particularly stupid. “Unethical” pssssh. Which book of ethics do you read?

    My website is beautiful. It won the BT Business Award for IT and Communications, presented at the Dorchester Hotel, last year.

    I have a page specially for blind disabled car buyers, where my Indian operative Lingani reads the car offer details. No one else does 1/10th as much as I do.

    Good job you didn’t get the job, eh?


  180. Johnny B says:

    @Adamantus Just a pendantic point: Do they lease cars for the disabled?

  181. [OvO]wl says:

    Awesome website ling :D

  182. Johnny B,

    Just to blind people.


  183. Scott W.K. says:

    All Uk websites are crap!!! When i do a search result i always put -Uk at the end of my search result so that no uk searches would get in the way, all i ever stumble on from uk is spam and junk websites like buy our crap nobody needs. Geez talk about being desperate to only get noticed, but what happened is that Uk is now famous for being the most annoying on the internet.

  184. @ Rebecca – Re:

    You forgot one:

    // – ‘FLASH’ Gordon Wayne Watts
    LAKELAND, Fla., U.S.A.

  185. [...] recently read a blog about the worst websites in the world.  It made me think of the first website I made (no longer on-line), and how far web [...]

  186. ahhh noo my eyes!! looks like soemthing from a bad 80s sci fi tech movie

  187. Johnny B says:

    Micro Power I’m sure they’re good at what they do.

  188. Peter Clements says:

    Another fantastic example missing from the list:

  189. Peter Clements says:

    Here’s another site that clearly belongs on your list:

    As soon as you think it can’t get any worse, you click on a link to another page…

  190. club penguin says:

    nice blog! thanks for the help.

  191. Johnny B says:

    Agency net
    Seriously, though. If you block flash, there is nothing left!

  192. Brad says:

    bet other car companys sell more then lings

  193. Tinky_Winky says:

    Hey dude! I think you missed a few websites on your list. Here are two awfully bad websites:

  194. It amazes me that such websites still exist. Guess it figures with all the bad content being put on the web each day that such site prevail.

  195. Peter Clements says:

    Another couple of fantastic examples:


  196. im chinese hahaha, come to 79 chain lane, st helens for a straightner hhaha

  197. Dave Moore says:

    YES LING! You’re website is class… go to 79 chain lane. WOO WOO

  198. Thomas Parle says:

    As a web designer myself for my company me and my fellow fatties spent alot of our time creating our website, time we could of spent eating LOL!!! In conclusion I am fat.

  199. Lou says:

    Is it OK to submit another bad website here? I just search/found your page because I am seething to tell the world how bad this site is. I only wanted to determine whether this station was the one I had heard a program on yesterday. There is no schedule – in fact there is no NOTHING other than what they link to from MSNBC (that should say something right there) – the rest is bad links. Big banner ad for iHeartRadio – which does not carry them anymore. They must employ U.S. public school dropouts, er – graduates. This station must be yet another U.S. business that is failing and deserves to.

  200. Gary Dodd says:

    hi im gary! Lou i completely disagree with you! There is no doubt in my mind that you are indeed a homosexual. If so, hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  201. scott browne says:

    lou i do not agree with you i think that you are a freak and should drown yourself because yes you are an ugaly person and no one will ever love short of a downey

  202. Thomas parle says:

    Lou you completely disregarded my comment as if I didnt exist. I highly encourage you to visit my website as you will find it highly intresting, with you being a homosexual and al LOL :D!!!! In coclusion I didnt read your comment and I am still fat even more so after the Christmas period.

  203. [OvO]wl says:

    Is that what your gaydar tells you girlfriend?

    I guess it takes one to know one!!

  204. freddy says:
    I guess their web master already forgotten all of these website. They rarely update their site.
    I think the colour theme do drive people away but the worst thing about these websites have useless contents.
    This post brings back lots of traffic to those website I guess.

  205. Diana says:

    Yes you are right, there are alot of ugly website!

  206. Good post and I love the debates!! lol :)

  207. Nic says:

    Surely these sites arent this bad by accident. The huge volume of hits one would get on a consistent basis would be enough to rank well without any further seo… might have to knock one up myself.

  208. Idalia Moistner says:

    You’ve got a good blog here! would you like to produce some invite posts on my site?

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