Why you shouldn’t be going live on a Friday…

Don't launch a website on a Friday!At digital agencies such as ours, launching a project onto the internet is the often the culmination of hundreds of man hours dedicated to seeing a client’s dreams and aspirations appearing through a monitor (or another digital device!).

Whether it’s a single page, a minor update, or a huge application; until it’s live on the internet, no-one can see it and no-one can shout about it.

Great power also comes with great responsibility, however. Why would you want to go live with something that is sub-par?

No matter how carefully we test our code, and no matter how carefully our clients test the sites and applications we build, a site still might have surprises.

It doesn’t matter what day you finish a project, it’s always a good idea to take stock and make sure that you’re 100% happy for it to go live. A project should rarely be so important that it “NEEDS TO GO LIVE THIS VERY SECOND” (without proper testing!). You’ll always have a better reaction from your customers when a site launches right, rather than launching with errors and issues that you didn’t forsee.

To mitigate this further, don’t go live on a Friday. You don’t want to spend the weekend worrying about a broken site or feature do you?

We always try to encourage early/mid week go-lives for websites; and luckily, most of our client’s have heeded this advice thus far. Plus, Friday’s are for pub lunches and listening to cheesy 90’s pop, right?

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By Douglas Radburn. at 11:40AM on Friday, 14 Sep 2012

Doug is our Senior Open Source Web Developer since bringing his knowledge and skills to Branded3 in 2009. A founding developer of our Twitition and Competwition platforms, Doug has also been lead in our Open Source Projects on Magento ecommerce solutions and Wordpress CMS platforms. Follow Douglas Radburn on Twitter.


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