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Zoe Piper Joins Branded3

Firstly, hello everyone – I’m the newest member of Branded3’s SEO team! Whether you already know me or not, you’ll probably be seeing quite a lot of me from now on :)

I’m not sure what to tell you about myself, so here are some facts in no particular order:

I’m 23. I write a blog called Piggynap which talks about SEO and whatever else is on my mind (normally something weird). You might find it interesting or you might just wonder why I keep posting things about cats. I like Adwords which is great, because that’s one of my new responsibilities at Branded3. I live in Harrogate with my web designer boyfriend (that explains the Twitter background) and like a typical girl I really like shoes…and chocolate.

We’ve been snowed out of work today so I’m writing this from home, but I’m really looking forward to working with Patrick and everyone else :)

I’ll be attending Think Visibility so if you’re going, see you there!

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  • Andrew Girdwood

    Good hire, well done! :)

  • Dan Horton SEO

    Congratulations Zoe ! Im sure Patrick will take you under his wing. All the best


  • Matthew

    Congratulations on joining a great company! Good luck and I’ll be at think visibility too.

  • Zath

    Congrats on the new job Zoe!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your posts here as well as Piggynap!

  • Darrell

    Good luck in the new job. Look forward to some quality blog posts on Adwords appearing in my reader.

  • Dominic Hodgson

    I’ll probably be at think visibility, as long as the organiser doesn’t piss me off..

    Well done for the job, Well done for the hire… now whens the party?

  • Peter Young

    Good luck in the new job, definitely a good choice…

  • Tom – Home Business

    Congratulations! You are very lucky, not so many people get a job these days :)