Stephen contributes to company blog tips

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

Stephen gave his best tips for growing a company blog; including advising against stock photography and why you should build strong relationships.

Supercharge your digital strategy with analytics

Alan Ng | Blog| Twitter

Alan explains why brands need to really understand their audience and how this data and insight into them can drive a marketing strategy.

Stephen explains how to optimise for keywords i 2015

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

Stephen explains that by writing comprehensive content that answers an audience's questions, you could rank first without building another link.

What are the biggest social media updates so far?

Laura Crimmons | Blog| Twitter

We may only be in March, but there's already been some huge updates in the world of social media. Here, Laura talks about the biggest updates so far and what they mean to marketers.

Steve gives the formula for successful newsjacking

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

In his latest SEW post, Steve talks about how to jump on news for your brand's benefit.

Content Marketing is an acquisition tool

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

"Content marketing is not a standalone strategy" says Stephen in his article for Marketing Week, which explores the ways a content marketing strategy can drive real business results.

Should we still worry about Thin Content?

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

Steve's latest post on Search Engine Watch talks about what makes content thin and whether this is the real worry when considering what Google values.

A kick-ass link audit for 2015: JJ hosts a webinar

John-James Grice | Blog| Twitter

Branded3's Search Strategist, JJ Grice, held a webinar with DeepCrawl on how to implement a successful link audit strategy in 2015.

CTR Manipulation: why you can't fake engagement

Stuart Long | Blog| Twitter

Stuart's Branded3 blog post on black-hat techniques and why they just don't work in SEO anymore was picked up by industry-leading blog, Searchengineland and included in their weekly round-up.

Laura gives 4 marketing tactics brands should use on Instagram

Laura Crimmons | Blog| Twitter

In Laura's State of Digital series, she reveals 4 tactics that brands should be using to make the most of Instagram and connect with their audience. Check out some real examples too including Forever 21's fitness campaign.

Google Analytics post featured on SEL's search round-up

Emma Barnes | Blog| Twitter

Emma's 'how-to' guide on getting actionable data from Google Analytics event tracking featured on Search Engine Land's search round-up of the day.

Google trust signals & the eBay penalty

Matthew Jackson | Blog| Twitter

Matthew's analysis of eBay's penalty and subsequent share price drop was picked up by Search Engine Land for their daily round-up.

Steve comments on Search in 2015

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

Steve contributed to BrightRED's article discussing what's coming up in the Search industry in 2015.


Link viewability and link acquisition

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

Head of Search, Stephen Kenwright tells Search Engine Watch readers about the importance of link viewability.

Finding and understanding your online audience

Laura Crimmons | Blog| Twitter

Contributing regularly to State of Digital; Laura's second article focuses on how brands can understand their online audience.

Black Friday spend

Andrew Machin | Blog| Twitter

As Black Friday made its way over the shores and sent UK shoppers frantic on Friday 28th November, our Head of Creative Andrew Machin jumped on the opportunity to create an online tool which tracked the amount being spent across the country during the day. We also tracked Cyber Monday, too.

Press Releases Are Not an SEO Strategy

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

This hugely popular article from Stephen tells readers why press releases should be your SEO strategy.

3 Basic Principles of Journalism to Consider When Writing Content for Google

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

Our Head of Search, Stephen Kenwright, is a regular contributor to Search Engine Watch; this post focuses around the fundamentals of journalism which can be applied to content writing for Google.

Exact match domains

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

Patrick is interviewed on the value of exact match domains in today's SEO strategies.

Getting your content in front of your audience

Laura Crimmons | Blog| Twitter

Laura guest posts on the State of Digital to discuss how paid social promotion can get your valuable content in front of the right audience.

Google rolls out Penguin 3.0

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

As Google began rolling out Penguin 3.0 - its first update in over a year - our Head of Search Stephen Kenwright was first off the mark to spot it, his insights were covered by the top industry publications.

Why SEO objectives are fuelling content marketing growth

Tim Grice | Blog| Twitter

Tim's content marketing thoughts inspired Chris Green at Motoring.co.uk to share his thoughts on the channel too.

Patrick and Vin named as Prolific Northerners 2014

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

Branded3's CEO and Director of Strategy were named in Prolific Norths 2014 Top 100 Northerners

SEO & Social Media are pushed closer together

Tim Grice | Blog| Twitter

Tim commented on the merging of roles in SEO, content, PR and social media in line with Google's guidelines.

How to compete with brands online

David Crawford | Blog| Twitter

David used his extensive automotive experience to craft a thought-piece on how dealerships can compete with brands online.

SEO should be last priority

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

In a controversial move, Patrick has claimed that SEO is the last thing brands should be doing in 2014. Why? Because SEO now encompasses so many more services which are integral to gaining organic rankings.

Why Your Web Content Strategy Should Include Answering Questions

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

Using a successful content strategy Branded3 implemented for one of our clients as a case study; Stephen explained why answering questions was key to success, in this detailed article.

How to Audit Online Content After Hummingbird and “Not Provided”

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

Stephen wrote an article on how to audit your content in the wake of Hummingbird and 'keyword not provided'.

Patrick spots Expedia’s traffic drop

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

After Branded3’s Director of Strategy, Patrick Altoft, spotted a decline in Expedia’s traffic at the beginning of the year, the industry’s biggest blogs picked it up as a story and it became the talk of the month.


Voucher and car classified sites recover

Stephen Kenwright | Blog| Twitter

Voucher and car classified sites suffered the most in Google's Panda update, but here, Stephen reveals that they've began to recover and details what other brands can do to bring back their rankings.

St Ives Group acquires Branded3

Vin Chinnaraja | Blog| Twitter

In May 2013, Branded3 was acquired by the St Ives Group, in a momentous move which was to fuel the agency’s growth and expansion plans. Blogs and news sites across the industry commented on the acquisition.

Future-proofing SEO

Matthew Jackson | Blog| Twitter

Branded3’s Chief Search Strategist, Matthew Jackson, regularly guest blogs and delivers talks on how we create and execute our SEO strategies for our clients. Here, Matthew talks about how to future-proof rankings on Management Today:


Top 10 viral marketing campaigns

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

Back in 2008, Patrick Altoft wrote a successful post for Blogstorm on the top 10 viral marketing campaigns of all time. In 2012, BBC Radio 4’s Peter Day gave his top tips on the BBC website for starting your own business; and referenced Patrick’s post to highlight how clever viral marketing can pull in customers.


Digital Leeds award for Branded3

Felicity Crouch | Blog| Twitter

The Guardian covered the highlights from the Digitally Leeds awards held in Clarence Dock, Leeds in 2011, when Branded3 won an award for the petitioning site, Twitition.com.


Launch of Google’s full-page previews in SERPs

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter


Branded3 reveals school & university hacking

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

Branded3 uncovered the large-scale hacking of school and university websites through extensive research which identified loopholes in badly-designed software that was opening the door to hackers. The findings were published on The Telegraph’s website.


Patrick gets interviewed by the BBC

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

With the incredibly successful online marketing blog, Blogstorm, fast becoming the most popular of its kind; the founder, Patrick Altoft, was interviewed by the BBC on how to make commercial success from blogging.

Blogstorm puts the pressure on the BBC to link out more

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

When the BBC stopped giving real links to the websites featured in its ‘Related Internet Links’ section, Patrick Altoft was the first on the case to put the pressure on the BBC to change their mind.

Patrick comments on United Airlines share price crash

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

Patrick Altoft comments on the news that the United Airlines share price had crashed; noting Tribune’s irresponsibility of a poorly designed CMS and consideration of potential implications:

Vin comments on budget announcement

Vin Chinnaraja | Blog| Twitter

At the time of the budget announcement, CEO Vin Chinnaraja commented to The Guardian on how this would affect him and his business:


Blogstorm shows blog stats

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

When Blogstorm first went live back in 2007, it started off by showing basic inbound link stats for blogs and showing blogs’ most popular posts.

Blogstorm receives honorary mention

Patrick Altoft | Blog| Twitter

Blogstorm received an honorary mention alongside Technorati in Time’s coveted 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without in 2007.

Vin comments on credit crunch

Vin Chinnaraja | Blog| Twitter

Vin commented on the credit crunch back in 2007 and the effect it had on Branded3 and employers in Leeds in the digital sector: