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Don't go viral. Go useful.

Engage with your audience and generate a return on your investment with content that is made for the right reasons.

Delivering a service to build communities, inspire engagement and ultimately increase visibility, we work with you to create the content that your audience wants and needs to see so that your brand can flourish in a digital survival of the fittest.

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We evaluate your linkable, shareable assets and the content in and around your industry to scientifically formulate a plan to nurture your brand through the next stage of digital evolution. No clear strategy can be established without such an assessment.


Our strategy goals are always plain and simple: create the content that users will use. This means focusing on quality, suitability and shareability from the very beginning so that search engines can identify you as a thoroughly valuable brand for your audience.


By taking to a computer like an artist takes to an easel, we create the content that enriches brand affinity. Our production process is not only powered by our interdependent approach, but it is conducted by writers who are wholly dedicated to their craft.


A content marketing agency is futile without full and proper integration with SEO, which is why audience acquisition and retention is the natural force behind the search power of all the content that we produce. We’ve created it for the people; now we take it to the people.



The lost art of listening is crucial to the success of every content marketing strategy, so we open our ears before we open our mouths.

We want to thoroughly absorb what you want, what you do and what we can do together to make every stage of the strategy count.


Our strategies can only be realised once we’ve gauged what has been done before and, thus, what needs to be done to nurture your brand in the best possible way.

This is the stage at which we carry out our gap analysis to assess the current state of your content and the content that is spearheading your industry.


We’ve listened to your needs; we’ve identified the gaps; now it’s time to fill them in. By collaborating with our Social and Digital PR teams, we plan the content that your audience desires and, of course, how to reach them with it.

Planning quality content that delivers engagement helps to build the trust that your audience has in you.


Next, we put our craftsmanship to work to create the content that matters to you and your audience.

The creation of superior content is rarely an individual effort, so we work closely with our Design, Development and CRO teams to take our content to the next level.


All of our content is focused on delivering the optimum online presence for your brand and this means delivering it to the people that matter in and around your industry.

Upon publication, our SEO and Social teams collaborate, having formed an integral part of the planning stages, to take the content to the right people.


No content marketing strategy is complete without observation and evaluation.

We have to determine what worked and what didn’t work based on audience engagement, SEO performance and social activity to evaluate and devise a new strategy for the future.

Case Study Ladbrokes

“Branded3’s Content Marketing team has been thoroughly impressive in the time we have worked together. They were quick to understand the brief and, very importantly, the intricacies of working for a large corporate entity.

Their enthusiasm for content clearly shows in the quality of the work they produce and has been a welcome addition to Ladbrokes’ wider content marketing strategy. I would thoroughly recommend Branded3 to any business looking to improve their content proposition.”

Thomas Baker, SEO Manager,

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