"Online engineering."

Our open approach to development means that
we always have one thing in mind: the user experience.

Precision, ingenuity and versatile expertise allow us to build websites and applications
that are robust and finely tuned digital machines fit for every kind of user.

Our Services

We aim to provide solutions and business-focused builds that meet your needs. Using the best of both open source and .NET development languages, we are able to identify the best-in-class solution for the perfect website and execute that on an existing platform, as a bespoke build or sometimes as a hybrid of both.

Years of development experience have produced numerous award-winning builds, including e-commerce sites, back office systems, intranet solutions, content management sites and CRM platforms.

Platforms we work with:



The process begins with a two-way consultation to identify what you want, why you want it and how we can help you achieve your goals.

We need to discuss and determine the markers for success so we can ensure that your new site not only makes a difference for users, but reinforces your business ambitions.

Research & Scoping

The fundamentals of our solutions derive from exhaustive competitor analysis, evaluation of your current assets and scoping of the functions we will utilise and the platform on which we will build.

From these, we can formulate a detailed plan for what will put you above and beyond the industry standard.


Powerful machines that stand the test of time aren’t built without blueprints.

This is the stage at which we finalise our development plans by documenting all requirements, drawing up the site map and assessing the necessary functions for your new site.


We’re not just a development agency; we’re an all-inclusive digital agency, so our solutions are as fixated on beauty as they are on usability.

We collaborate with our dedicated Design team to ensure that the eyes and mind of every kind of visitor are satisfied with the overall user experience.


Using an appropriate combination of Waterfall and Agile development processes, we implement the solutions that will transform your web presence.

All code is version controlled and adheres to our defined coding standards, which means that more than one of us can work on it at any one time.


Following a careful construction process, we test everything from the foundations to the decorations in a three-stage testing procedure.

Our developers run through the site with a fine-toothed comb, our internal testing team gives it a rigorous review and a crowd-sourced third party testing team provides an outsider’s evaluation.


The testing is complete, but the monitoring continues as we release the site into the public arena.

By conducting final QA checks, observing 301 redirections and continually monitoring any potential anomalies, we only ever release sites and applications that are 100% ready for use.

Case Study Illamasqua

“Throughout our new web build project Branded3 consistently performed above and beyond my expectations, giving their all to the project at all hours of the day and it is through this dedication that they were able to meet our target live date and even add additional functionality that had originally been out of scope. I would highly recommend the Branded3 team and would happily entrust them with any future developments we have planned.”

James Winfield, E-commerce Manager, Illamasqua

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