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"More conversions.
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We are experts in maximising ROI through strategic & engaging PPC campaigns.

Paid search is just like any type of advertising: communicate to the wrong audience and success is limited, but communicate with a well-researched, thoroughly relevant and wholly appropriate audience and it is money well spent.

Our Services

Our Pay-Per-Click offering has a firm focus on delivering more conversions for less spend. We do this by applying simple principles to your campaign in a fusion of on page relevance, ad quality and keyword optimisation. By identifying improvements in even the most established PPC campaigns, we create efficiencies that consistently drive down cost per acquisition and increase overall conversions. Continuous optimisation is at the forefront of everything we do, so we work in unison with our dedicated Design and CRO teams to recommend and implement improvements that will ensure that you always get the most out of your money.


Campaign Analysis

Naturally, the first step in our PPC agency offering is to audit your current campaign and the performance of your competitors.

With eyes like hawks, we examine your Click Through Rates (CTR), conversion rates, Quality Score, cost per acquisition and current spend to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Keyword & Ad Grouping

Now we get down to detail. In a thorough analysis of your keywords and ads, we determine how profitable they are, how profitable they can be and how relevant they are to one another.

Optimised keyword and ad groups mean increased CTR and conversions.

Demographic & Geographic Targeting

Our ethos is about bringing the right information to the right people, so we delve into demographics and geographical location to make sure that your ads do their job.

By understanding how people search, we can identify where your ads are most likely to work.

Ad Creative

The effectiveness of an ad is in the copy. That means establishing its relevance not only to the target keyword, but also to the target landing page so that no impact is lost.

We have a multilingual and multi-talented team that writes persuasive ads with effective calls to action to maximise campaign performance.

CRO Audit

We don’t just optimise your ads; we optimise the landing pages behind your ads with scientific precision.

Our dedicated CRO and Design teams understand the mechanics of an effective landing page, so we work together to ensure that everything is in its right place for the campaign to be a success.

Tracking & Testing

As we said, we’re all about continuous optimisation, so we track and test every aspect of every stage of your campaign to make every penny count.

We don’t just A/B test your ads; we also split test your landing pages to make sure the whole machine is finely tuned and well-oiled.

Bid Management

We monitor every aspect of your campaign to make sure that you’re not overspending on a single keyword.

The sole focus of our approach to PPC is to retain market share without over-bidding on your target keywords.

Case Study LA Fitness

“The team at Branded3 has managed to save us a considerable amount in just a short space of time since taking over our PPC account and with faster ROI too. With the changes they’ve implemented, our conversions have been significantly boosted.”

Online & Digital Manager, LA Fitness

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