10 reasons why @Branded_3 uses the 10,000ft tool

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  • August 21, 2014

What is 10,000ft?

10,000ft is an interactive resource planning and project management tool. Anyone who works in a digital agency will recognise the need to adapt and be flexible on a daily basis, and we needed a system to help us with this.

I set up a trial version of 10kft last year with a view to using it primarily for project management of the digital team, however, we soon came to realise it was more than suitable for use across the whole business, especially for time-tracking and reporting.

We certainly didn’t hang around, as within 2 months we had the whole business set up with it, with every client and project we were working with and each team member as a user with their very own profile.

Here’s 10 reasons why we love using 10kft…

So, why 10kft?

Reason #1: Simple, user friendly interface

One of the first things that struck me about 10kft was the simplicity and friendliness of the interface. In comparison to many other project management tools I have seen and worked with, this stood out a mile. It’s incredibly visual and doesn’t bombard you with a load of technical features to overcomplicate the system, yet covers all of the areas we require.

10kft schedule

Reason #2: Agile scheduling

Changes to the daily schedule are inevitable. As a Project Manager working in a busy and fast-paced agency, you’ve got to embrace change (or so they keep telling me!) The schedule view on 10kft makes it really easy to look over available resource and make any necessary changes with a drag and drop functionality, and tasks can be reassigned to another suitable resource at the click of a button.

Reason #3: Access levels and user types

There are a number of different access levels to choose from. The majority of Branded3’s team members only require ‘Restricted Team member’ access to go about their day-to-day work, to see their schedule, project information and their own profile page.

We can upgrade those who need to view reports and financial information, but more importantly for us control freak Project Managers, we know that the core project information and schedule can only be edited by us!

Reason #4: Versatility and flexibility

One of the key features we looked for in a project management tool was its suitability for retainer, project work and internal work. We needed something that worked effectively for each of these, and 10kft does just that.

Reason #5: Stress-free time-tracking

We don’t use the time sheet facility to crack the whip (although we could if we want), we just know how easy it is to lose track of what you’re doing and what you’re spending time on, especially when you’re working for a very busy agency across multiple projects.

It’s important for us to accurately log time so that we can track how much time a project team collectively spends on a project or retainer so that we can keep within the time allocation and budget and ensure we’re servicing all of our clients fairly.


It is so quick and easy to enter time, no one has an excuse not to do it!

Reason #6: High-level project plans and timings

Setting up a project in 10kft is really simple and provides a good, high-level base that is easy to digest for all team members. You can break down your project into phases, assign a budget to each phase and assign tasks within a phase to individual team members.

At any time within a project; at a glance, you can see the budgeted time, already incurred time and future scheduled time, also, quite importantly, if you are scheduled to run over budget or already have.

Reason #7: Reporting and analytics

The reports are an awesome feature of 10kft. You can build almost any variation of report to get the data you really want. I have saved a lot of time by having a set of reports I frequently use saved within the analytics section.

Here is a list of just some of the things I pull reports for on a weekly basis:

  • Project tracking
  • Client retainer usage
  • Resource management
  • Time sheet report
  • Departmental breakdown
  • Managing holidays and time-off

Reason #8: Teams, roles and skill sets

We’re reaching almost 70 people now at B3 Towers, and although we all work together very closely, we don’t all need to know what everyone is doing on a day-to-day basis  Filtering by team or role and then viewing individual’s skill sets helps to ensure you are selecting the right person for the job.

Reason #9: Visibility

Everyone within the business has access to 10kft and has the access levels to view everything they need, perfectly in-line with our transparent and open culture here at Branded3.

Reason #10: Instant, real-time statuses

At any point, you can view the current status of a project, you can see who has last edited something, and how far through a particular phase we are.

We have many support contracts that habitually require immediate action, resulting in a team member being pulled off their scheduled work to deal with the issue.


So, after using 10kft for over a year, we have seen and experienced some great changes and improvements to the operations of Branded3. Simple and accurate time-tracking has enabled us to identify and improve the efficiency and output of our team.

10,000ft is still a baby and does still have a few teething problems, but there are many great new features in the pipeline for development and I’m confident it will continue to improve with age.

Check out 10kft’s Branded3 case study here, and leave me a comment below if you’ve got any questions.

Rosanne Dickinson

About Rosanne Dickinson

Rosanne is our Project Manager looking after some of our biggest client accounts and projects, including Illamasqua, Ladbrokes and Cartridge World. Rosanne liaises with both clients and internal stakeholders to manage workflow and expectations, and successfully leads our digital team through an interdependent approach to deliver award-winning solutions.

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