21 More Really Funny Search Queries

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  • November 9, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

After the success of the first round of funny search queries I’ve trawled through the BlogStorm logs once again to find 21 More Really Funny Search Queries.

My conclusion after writing this post is that a lot of people on the internet are weird and that BlogStorm probably isn’t doing a very good job of answering peoples questions when they search for this stuff.

“a picture”

Try to be more specific

“answer my question”

Taking that attitude isn’t going to help.

“asking my wife to take nude photos”

Try buying her some flowers first.

“big penis photograph”

How big do you want? Will 800×1200 pixels do?

“blog your way to a top job”

If only it was that easy

“buy cheap sell for lots”

My first stockbroker visitor.

“can somebody explain what astro physics is all about”

Err, probably not. I’ve got a degree in it but that’s about it.

“cheese website with live feed”

Who the hell would make a cheese website with a live feed? Oh, wait.

“directory submissions matt cutts”

Man, that guy does everything nowadays.

“-1 google page rank”

Wow that’s bad, how many links did you sell???

“funny penis recipes”

I can’t imagine that ever being funny.

“got a car- need to make money”

Try being a taxi driver

“how do you turn people in a picture naked”

Wow, that would be some cool software. Imagine being able to take a picture of clothed people and make them naked. A real Photoshop killer.

“how to get a body like johnny wilkinson”

I’m guessing training 8 hours a day with a rugby team will do it.

“misspelling for seo”

Try oes or eso.

“people love to take picture with their penis”

I’ve been trying to get mine to learn how to work a camera for years.

“photo of my penis”

Imagine if you searched for that and Google actually found some correct results!

“how to have good sex”

“how to have amazing sex”

“how to have sex on top”

“different phrases for “lets have sex””

This was the same IP, queries listed in the order they were performed.

If you have some funny queries post them on your blog and let’s see who has the funniest.

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