Showcase: 3 Mills Studios, a London-based production studio

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  • May 7, 2014
Steven Shaw

Steven Shaw

Digital Director

Client: 3 Mills Studios
Platform: WordPress


3 Mills Studios had a site that had been created based upon the MODX CMS platform. The site had become difficult to manage due to the design that was in place and pages having dynamic URLs and no real search-friendly features. Branded3 took over support on the site for a period of time to help bring it inline with current web standards, however it became evident that the site would need to be rebuilt.

The challenge

The project was a new site design and development; with a requirement for the site to be CMS-managed, but for this to be a more user-friendly system than the previous MODX platform.

Our approach

We took this opportunity to take a look at the analytics data, user journey and user behaviour on the existing site along with traffic sources.  This provided us with some real insight around 3 Mills’ audience and a plan to provide a smoother interface for completing the most popular tasks; getting in touch or getting directions to the studios.

Our platform of choice was WordPress, this meant that 3 Mills’ content managers had the ability to manage all of their content with ease along with new functionality to support SEO activity. Our approach was to give clear icon-supported graphics next to the main call to actions at the head of the page, and then support the rest of the site structure with a standard hover-based menu navigation. The design is a complete custom design to give the site more creative focus and updates in line with the studios new branding.

The site has been developed with a responsive interface (based on the bootstrap framework) which adjusts to the size of the visitors view port, so whether on mobile, table tor desktop the journey and navigation options remain clear and easy to use.

A custom WordPress theme was developed to allow customisation of pages and posts to match with the studio requirements and to give them the ability to manage all areas of the site via the admin interface without the need of technical knowledge.


The project has been a great one to work on, as well as being a fantastic client to work with, as they have a great offering and the creative services gives some really great creative assets, overall the project has been really well received by the client and key stakeholders, analytics have also shown an increase in the number of conversions to lead on site


3mills-home-screenshot 3mills-studio-screenshot

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