4 Ways to Get Banned from the Technorati Top 100

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  • December 19, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

The start blogging online list is probably the most accurate blog ranking system available but most people don’t realise how much hand editing is involved.

The following people are all deserving of a Top 100 ranking based on blog reactions but have been removed from the list because they didn’t get there “naturally”.

Create a popular plugin

Web developer Alex King runs by far the most popular blog in the world. His Technorati Authority of 87,909 dwarfs Engadgets authority of just 31,201. Technorati has decided that Alex isn’t worthy of being the number 1 blog in the world and has removed him from the top 100 list.

Alex King

Alex gained his ranking by creating a plugin to display the most popular posts on a WordPress blog, Yahoo reports 1.7 million links to the plugin home page.

Be evil & exchange links

John Chow is probably the best example of a blogger intent on manipulating Technorati and it is no surprise that he was banned from the Top 100. Not quite as spectacular as Alex King, John has an authority of 5649 giving him a position of 44 if he was allowed in the Top 100.

John Chow

John made the mistake of asking his readers to write a review about of his blog in exchange for a link back which resulted in his ban from the list.

Create some blogging software

WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg is another number 1 ranking blogger with an authority of 79,344, more than twice as high as Engadget.

Matt Mullenweg

Matt has been unceremoniously banned from the Technorati Top 100 because his links come from the default WordPress blogroll.

Design a popular blog theme

Binary Moon, home of the hugely popular Regulus theme for WordPress has a Technorati authority of 9,476 making it the 14th most popular blog in the world. Unfortunately Technorati doesn’t like this and has banned the site from the Top 100.

Binary Moon

Why Technorati don’t just learn to discount links outside the content area of blogs is beyond me. Hand editing results to prop up a flawed algorithm is totally wrong.

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