5 Killer Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

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  • January 7, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Print your url on a fake rocket

Former Dragons Den contestant and winner of North East Entrepreneur of the Year Ling Valentine has a unique method of promoting her car leasing website.

In 2005 Ling had a 6 wheeled military truck imported from the People’s Liberation Army in Shanghai and her husband built a giant nuclear missile to go on top. The truck was parked next to the A1 motorway in North East England for a couple of years before being moved to one of the busiest motorways in Western Europe, the M62, where it remains.

Millions of motorists see the missile truck every year and it is no doubt a much better investment than any online advertising campaign in such a competitive industry.

Draw it on the street

Julian Beever is the worlds most famous street artist and has been commissioned by large companies such as Sony to promote their products by drawing them with chalk on the ground. Virtually any picture released on the web by Julian is reposted on hundreds of blogs and is almost guaranteed to make the Digg homepage.

Ask Julian to paint you a stunning picture with your website in it and publicity is almost guaranteed.

Julian Beever

Pitch in the Dragons Den

Hundreds of companies pitch in the Dragons Den every year but only a few of them are web based businesses. Some of the most famous are Lings Cars (owner of the rocket above), Gaming Alerts and most recently Hungry House.

Dragons Den

The one thing these sites have in common is a huge influx of traffic after the show. The day after Hungry House were on TV thousands of people were searching for them on Google and even competing sites saw an increase in business because of it. Their Alexa Rank went through the roof and continues to rise even today.

Paint your url on a streaker

Vodafone streaker

In 2002 Vodafone paid a New Zealand rugby fan to run onto the pitch during an All Blacks vs Australia game wearing nothing but the Vodafone logo.

The streaker was fined £30,000 and Vodafone were more than happy to pay it in return for publicity in almost every newspaper across the world.

If you can find somebody willing to streak at a major public event the press coverage is likely to far outweigh any fines levied, especially for large companies with multi million pound marketing budgets. Recently television networks have been reluctant to give coverage to streakers so this tactic may not be as effective in 2008.

Project your website address onto a building


Most people remember the infamous FHM stunt involving a giant image of Gail Porter, a very large projector and the Houses of Parliament. The publicity was huge and so was the cost, around £40,000.

Luckily the cost of hiring a big projector nowadays is more affordable and you don’t even need a giant building any more. Arcstream can not only project your URL onto any building you like but they can even create a giant wall of water vapour and project onto that instead.