5 SEO Focussed Web Analytics Tools

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  • November 21, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Most people at small to mid-size companies don’t think too much about analytics and are happy to let Google Analytics do all their day to day reporting. We think Google Analytics is a great product but it shouldn’t be the only tool you use.

Below are some innovative web analytics tools built with SEO, conversion rate optimisation & social media in mind for you to try.

BVLD Status

BLVD is somewhat of a revolution because not only does it offer real time conversion reports for social bookmarking buttons & sales, traffic data and configurable alerts for traffic spikes via social sites such as Digg but it’s Keyword Vitals feature shows show live web traffic data side-by-side with live & average keyword rankings. What we wouldn’t give for that in Google Analytics!

BVLD Status

Analytics 360

Analytics 360 for WordPress is a plugin developed by email software company MailChimp to show Google Analytics traffic data and email list data within the WordPress dashboard.

Analytics360 plugin

Thanks to John from PPC Agency for the tip here.

The plugin allows you to visualise your site’s traffic trends and see how blog posts and email campaigns affect overall traffic. You can also isolate traffic coming directly to your site from email campaigns with the “campaign traffic” tab and chart the growth of your mailing list over time.

Click Tale

Click Tale is great for a number of reasons. The first is the visitor movies feature which uses JavaScript to record your visitors mouse movements and form inputs and lets you replay their visits in real time.

Click Tale

My favourite feature though is the conversion rate analytics product which shows exactly where visitors are dropping out of your web forms and which fields are taking the longest to complete. Click Tale also recently added Crazy Egg style heat maps to show where your visitors are clicking and hovering with their mouse making it a really well rounded piece of software.

Going Up

Another analytics tool to integrate rankings into traffic reports is Going Up with a well rounded AJAX system running on PHP rather than JavaScript.

Going Up

The addition of Alexa rankings and some dubious quotes about PageRank are the only things that let this system down.

Powerful graphing shows each keyword for each search engine you’ve chosen to see if your site is “going up” or “going down”? The keyword position monitor is also linked into our traffic system so you can quickly add keywords that people are using to get to your site and monitor them too. In addition, we’ve integrated Google’s keyword sandbox api to show related keywords that you may not be monitoring already.

Keyword Position plays an important role in your pagerank. Pagerank gauges the overall quality of your page and helps increase traffic. Traffic increases your sites relevance, which in turn helps your search engine rankings, which helps you reach your target audience.

Know any other interesting analytics tools? Add your links in the comments.

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