7 Reasons People Subscribe to Your Blog

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  • October 29, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Are you struggling to build a large subscriber base for your blog? Do you have a severe case of subscriber envy when you see larger blogs attracting new readers as if by magic?

If so then you need to go back to basics and look at the 7 reasons why people subscribe to blogs. If you can’t tick at least one of these boxes then its time to take your blog in a new direction.

You are a celebrity

In the tech blogosphere some people get readers based on who they are and not what they have to say. Becoming a celebrity isn’t something most of us can do but becoming a fake celebrity is a good second best.

You earn a lot of money

Bloggers who earn a lot of money either from their blogs or from other websites they own have a lot of credibility. People read them in the hope they will learn something that could make a difference to their lives. A good example is Markus Frind who is the most successful blogger ever to use the default WordPress template.

You can teach me something

Lots of bloggers, especially in the internet marketing industry, write content to teach and inform their readers. Establish your blog as a great resource for people to learn and you will attract readers who want to learn about the topics you write about. Simple.

You make me laugh

Everybody enjoys funny stuff. Publish something funny every day and people will want to subscribe.

You publish the news first

Build yourself a reputation of being the first to publish important news and subscribers will come to your site just so they don’t miss anything. You will find bloggers reading your site every day just so they can write about the latest news too.

You are respected

If you are respected or can at least make readers think you are respected people will flock to your site to read your thoughts on the latest happenings in your industry. You don’t need to publish the news first and you don’t even have to write about interesting stuff as long as you write your opinion.

You are remarkable

Creating truly exceptional content every day isn’t an easy task but if you can churn out great posts day after day readers will come flocking.

Most bloggers are not remarkable, not well respected, not first with the news, not funny, not good at teaching, not rich and not celebrities.

That’s why most blogs don’t have any readers.