8 years of YouTube: Our top clips

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  • April 23, 2013
Georgia Halston

Georgia Halston

Social Media Strategist

    It’s eight years to the day since the first YouTube video was uploaded and despite the content being distinctly average and not particularly interesting, helpful or informative, its legend has resulted in a massive 10,494,959 views:

    Thankfully, since ‘Me at the Zoo’, was posted eight years ago, a lot more interesting video content has been published, 4 billion hours, that’s 456,000 years of it is watched every month.

    Everyone can name at least one viral hit that has had their time riding the social wave provided by the video sharing giant and in recent years we have realised the gargantuan potential that YouTube can give to spread the word of brands and individuals.

    Here at Branded3 we have decided to share our favourites from down the years. We all chose one video (much to the distain of Social Media Strategist Fiona Dunphy who couldn’t decide on one!) and added it to the list.

    Please excuse the entry by Jack Cornwall, in order to keep this post ‘safe for work’, his first suggestion didn’t make it past quality control. Feel free to leave a comment with one of your own.

    Update – Our Head of Design and Social Media Andrew Machin, was not included in the post and would like to add his favourite video of all time! So here it is:

    Teaching my boy how to play Angry Birds

    Head of Design and Social Media Andrew Machin

    Legoshire Hot Pots – He’s Turned Emo

    Mark Bowering, Head of Content


    Funny Cat Runs into Wall

    Simon Patchett, Web Outreach


    How Animals Eat Their Food

    Georgia Halston, Social Media Strategist



    Michael Auty, Data Insights Analyst


    Dramatic Chipmunk

    Steve Shaw, Head of Digital


    Have You Ever Had a Dream Like This?

    Fi Dunphy, Social Media Strategist


    Baby Gives the Evil Eye

    Tami Dillon, Digital Designer


    Streaker Fail

    Joe Griffiths, Search Strategist


    Catch the Ice Dude

    Alan Ng, Data Insights Analyst


    Terry Crews Playing Drums with Muscles

    Jordan Appleson, Software Developer


    Ultimate Dog Tease

    Georgina Kershaw, Content Writer


    Annoying Orange – ORANGE NYA NYA STYLE

    Jack Cornwall, Web Outreach Team Member


    The Crystal Maze – Epic, Epic Fail

    Matthew Jackson, Head of SEO Strategy


    Gallon Smashing Milk Prank

    Douglas Radburn, Senior Web Developer


    Blindfolded Nutshot Prank

    Stuart Long, SEO Strategist


    Life in a Day

    Catherine Desrochers, Web Designer


    Otters at Chester Zoo

    Emma Barnes, Data Insights Analyst