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  • November 23, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

I’ve just discovered an amazing service called Tynt being used on the Daily Mail website and can’t understand how I missed it before. What Tynt does is use a neat piece of JavaScript to add a link to any content that is cut & pasted from your website.

We’ve been using JavaScript to add links to images for years now (best script available here) but this is the first system I’ve seen that adds the attribution when text is copied.

If you want to test it just copy some text from this post into WordPress or another blog editor and see the link at the end.

The service also reports on content and links being copied from your site in real time – apparently there are news sites using this script to generate 1000 new links every single day.


Tynt Insight monitors copy and paste behavior on billions of page loads per month across hundreds of thousands of web sites . Our data shows that up to 6% of page loads results in a user copying content! On a site that has 20 million page views per month – content leaves that site about a million times each month. Currently, web site owners are not receiving any benefit from this normal user behavior, but Tynt Insight changes all that.

Tynt Insight can drive up to 40% more visits to any individual web page via our automatic attribution link.

Each time a user pastes content from your website into an email, blog or website, we automatically add a URL link back to your site’s original content. When someone clicks that URL, they are directed back to your site and see the original content with the copied portion highlighted. This drives incremental traffic to your site when your content is shared without your knowledge while maintaining a consistent user experience.

As well as increasing the traffic across all pages, Tynt Insight generates higher traffic to niche content, which may be missed otherwise. Pages can see lifts of up to 40% in page views from Tynt Insight.
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