Advent calendars, Hogwarts for canines and Cards Against Humanity saving the world: PR roundup

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  • November 17, 2017
Kerry McGreene

Kerry McGreene

Digital PR Executive

It’s officially Friday – hooray! But before we start popping the prosecco, we’re going to run through our favourite PR campaigns of the week.

Poundvent calendar

Zoella and Boots both found themselves in hot water this week, receiving backlash from the Zoella 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar. The calendar contains items including a bauble, cookie cutters, notepad and pen for a costly price of £50.

Many people were disappointed with the Zoella advent calendar’s offering, venting their frustrations on Twitter, and Poundland used this as an opportunity to highlight the similar products they offer for a much cheaper price.

Poundland and Zoella advent calander

Credit: Poundland

This is a great reactive PR stunt. By quickly piggybacking on the social media frenzy, Poundland put themselves at the forefront of the highly publicised conversation in a light-hearted way, while also pushing their seasonal products.

The future of the London skyline

The National Trust is fighting to preserve the South London skyline, with their latest PR campaign which highlights the danger of Londoners losing the beautiful views of the city to industrialisation.

This year marks 80 years since the St Paul’s Heights policy framework was introduced to protect certain views across the city. While 27 views are protected by the policy, 9 of the 13 views with ‘protected vista’ status are in South London. To celebrate the occasion, The National Trust have collaborated with Horniman Museum and Gardens, and Bompas Parr on an interactive installation ‘The Imminent Diorama’.

London Skyline

Credit: The National Trust

Visitors can stand in the cone which projects artist views of what they predict the skyline from Horniman Museum and Gardens to look like in 80 years’ time.

Painting of London skyline predictions

Credit: The National Trust

From a sunken city of London submerged by the sea, to a dystopian futuristic city of London under a giant immersive hub filled with advertisements, the designs add a thought-provoking element to this campaign, which is sure to get Londoners thinking about the future of their city.


Everyone loves dogs and everyone loves Harry Potter (except muggles of course), and Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando has brought the two together as an innovative way to get the dogs at their shelter adopted.

Inspired by research which revealed that visual identification of dog breeds are inaccurate 70% of the time, the Pet Alliance have sorted their dog residents into their very own ‘Pawgwarts’ houses, depending on the dog’s characteristics – much like houses in Harry Potter.

The dogs are split into four categories: Knowledge, Ambition, Friendliness, and Bravery – so prospective owners are able to make an informed choice about which dog to take home based on their personality, and not their cuteness.


Credit: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

We love this initiative as it brings two universally loved things together, raising awareness around the many dogs in need, as well as ensuring they are placed with the right families.

Cards Against Humanity Save The World

No strangers to controversy, Cards Against Humanity have shown their ballsy nature once again with their latest PR stunt.

The company has purchased a piece of land on the border of the US and Mexico – making it very difficult for Trump to build his infamous wall. Alongside this, they’ve launched a website ‘Cards Against Humanity Saves The World’, which encourages visitors to pay $15 to receive six America-saving surprises for the festive season (which has already sold out).

Cards against humanity save the world

Credit: Cards Against Humanity

Many brands don’t want to get involved in political conversations, let alone take on the President of the United States, yet self-owned Cards Against Humanity have put themselves in the centre of a highly publicised political conversation for many months to come.

#FoodbankAdvent calendar

Many people often say it’s better to give rather than receive, but it’s easy in the run up to Christmas to get lost in the consumerism of festive activities.

A blogger collective ‘UK Money Bloggers’ have set out to raise awareness about the fact that Christmas is not a time of indulgence for a lot of families, with their ‘reverse advent calendar’.

The #FoodbankAdvent campaign encourages people to donate either food or household items every day for the 12 days of Christmas, and donate it to their local food bank to bring a bit of festive cheer to those who are struggling to buy food for their families this Christmas.

Essentials for a foodbank

Backed by a number of popular money bloggers including Mrs Mummy Penny and Frugal Queen, this campaign is great as it encourages selfless acts while reminding people of the true meaning of Christmas.

There you have it! These were our favourite campaigns of the week. Let us know your favourites on Twitter. If your’re looking for some more PR success stories you can read about the campaigns that caught our attention last week here.