After 350 attempts Mahalo finally gets on Digg

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  • January 17, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

After 350 submissions to Digg Mahalo finally hit the homepage on their own merit today with an excellent story and some great video linkbait. Looks like Jasons plan of using social media and linkbait is finally paying off.
The first time they managed it the story was submitted by Digg founder Kevin Rose so that doesn’t really count. The second time they were buried on 400+ Diggs so that doesn’t really count either.

It just goes to show that maybe some pages, such as search engine results pages for example, don’t really need a Digg button. Maybe the success rate would be better by only having Digg buttons on things that might actually have a chance on Digg?

If Jason was to use a more structured approach by releasing one article for Digg per week and asking his guides around the world to maybe give it a vote then the site would do far better. Or maybe if this social media marketing campaign is serious he needs to hire a top Digger to edit the articles and then submit them.

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