Aldi does wine week, Iceland scores, and Saatchi tattoos Brexit

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  • July 1, 2016
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

To say the last few weeks have been dramatic is an understatement, but companies took it in their stride and still pulled of some pretty clever PR campaigns. Here are our favourite campaigns from the past week.

Iceland changed its name for a Euro game


The frozen foods giant couldn’t resist but join in for the England vs Iceland EURO 2016 match.

Ahead of the game the store re-branded one of its stores in Leicester to England or Iceland. Although it was only one store’s name that was changed, Iceland’s area manager noted that Leicester was the right choice as ‘the city renowned for achieving great things despite being an underdog.’

Skittles goes starkers for London Pride

To commemorate the gay pride parade in London, skittles turned white in an adorable video claiming that only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention.

Skittles showed their support for the parade by saying “we’re not going to be the ones to steal your rainbow thunder, no siree“.  Watch the video to the full message from Skittles to London Pride.


UNICEF exposes the stark difference between lost children that look rich or poor

A new social experiment conducted by UNICEF highlights the huge difference when children get lost but look wealthy rather than poor.

With the assistance of a 6-year-old actress, the charity filmed her dressed in expensive clothes and acting lost, to which she received an overwhelming amount of passerbys checking to see whether she was alright. When the little girl’s appearance was changed to make her look scruffy, she didn’t receive anywhere near as much interest from the public about her wellbeing. One gentleman in a restaurant even asked her to be escorted out.

The stark contracts between public perceptions has landed this campaign across multiple nationals, a great way to raise awareness.

Saatchi & Saatchi open free Brexit tattoo pop up

The pop up tattoo parlour offers free Brexit themed tattoos but is there to essentially highlight the permanence of the British vote.

Remain campaigners Saatchi opened the pop up in London with the slogan ‘‘It’s your choice but it’s permanent’. Among the curious public, comedian Eddie Izzard was also seen showing his support for the campaigns.

saatchi tattoos

Aldi welcomes Wine Week

The supermarket chain launched a wine pop up store last week to celebrate the London Wine Week, and to launch their e-commerce platform.

The pop up store wasn’t your standard wine tasting experience: the futuristic décor and online purchasing features showed visitors what wine shops might look like in the future. The pop up shop even had its very own wine master in residents, helping visitors make all those important wine purchasing decisions and offering mini wine tasting sessions.

We don’t know what futuristic wine stores will look like, but if they carry the same prices as Aldi’s, you won’t catch us complaining.