Angel Soft launches a father’s day campaign that will make you cry!

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  • June 17, 2016
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

Another Friday is upon us! Though it might not feel like it, we are well into the British summertime, and while the weather isn’t as cheerful as we might hope, spirits in the office are high, with a thrilling start to Euro 2016 – and five great PR campaigns to boot:

Angel Soft gets sentimental on Father’s Day

Our favourite campaign of the week is by Angel Soft to celebrate Father’s day! In line with their slogan ‘Be soft. Be Strong’, the toilet paper brand have taken an intimate approach to Father’s Day and gone the extra mile to make it extraordinary for a super-dad living in the US.

Widower Melquiades Rayos left his life in the Phillippines and moved to America so he could support his family. He works three jobs and sends the money back to his eight children, who still live in his home country. While he is now able to feed them and send them to school, he hasn’t seen them since he left.

Angel Soft decided to step in and surprise his family! Does Rayos get to celebrate Father’s day with his children?

See for yourself…

Airbnb serve up London to the public

Can you guess what is behind the door? AirBnb have done it again and stolen a spot in our top 5 campaign roundup of the week. Last month they launched a Ninja turtle themed flat in NewYork and this month they have taken over have taken over a five storey townhouse in East London.

Passers-by are invited to ring the giant doorbell situated in the centre of the brightly coloured door, and those who dare to receive a HUGE surprise.


By following the hashtag #LiveThere on social media, you can see that those who take part are surprised with a range of London-inspired activities, from cake-making classes to t-shirt designing or tucking in to a traditional Sunday roast. Local artists, musicians and businesses from the capital are also there too providing treats and new experiences for those that dare to ring. Why not go down yourself? Address below – You’re welcome!

Located at 7 Fournier Street, E1 6QA, the house is open to the public from June 16th to 19th, 10:30am to 9pm.

Fiat 500 launches a refreshing pop up in London

Last weekend, London commuters passing by the Old Street Underground were treated to a refreshing granita, courtesy of a pop-up bar concept designed to promote the new Fiat 500. Our Senior PR Strategist Victoria witnessed this herself and managed to get a few snaps for social.



The diminutive new motor comes in a range of eye-catching colours, which inspired six distinctive flavours for the refreshing summer drink which originates from Sicily; juicy lemon, blackberry, blueberry, pomegranate, sour apple and cranberry.

Rachel Bateman, Head of Live Engagement at Initials creative agency, said: ‘’The new Fiat 500 target audience love to discover and report on new experiences, therefore serving granitas as part of the activation is a great way to engage with them.’’

Orange lights up the Eiffel Tower in Euros colours

It’s been impossible to escape the hype of Euro 2016, and Twitter is leading the excitement with a variety of new ways to celebrate the footballing madness.

A series of exclusive emojis have been released: mentions of #EURO2016 will be automatically paired with a trophy emoji, and mentioning any of the competing teams (for example #ENG or #TogetherForEngland) will bring up the corresponding flag-coloured football.

Even the Eiffel Tower is joining in – on each day of the tournament, ten minutes after the final whistle, it will be lit up in the colours of the team that had the most support on Twitter that day. And lucky fans who have used their 140 characters extremely well can see their tweet featured on Paris’ favourite landmark.

eHarmony reveals the language of love

And lastly, if you’ve ever wondered if the phrase ‘good sense of humour’ will really get you attention on your dating profile, you’re about to find out. have combed through users’ profiles to see which words get the highest response from those looking for a partner online. According to their research, men are most interested in ‘ambitious, perceptive and sweet’ women, while the ladies seem to be drawn to ‘physically fit, perceptive and spontaneous’ guys.

For both genders, the ‘quiet and spiritual’ types are the unluckiest in love. Read more here

Have you spotted any other campaigns that we have missed? Make sure to tweet us @Branded_3 with your pictures

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