Another milestone reached for Branded3 as it’s acquired by the St Ives Group

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  • May 16, 2013

Patrick Altoft & Vin Chinnaraja have announced Branded3's acquisition by St Ives

B3 Towers is abuzz with excitement today as it has been announced that Branded3 has been acquired by the St Ives Group; the UK’s leading publishing and marketing solutions group; in what will prove to be a momentous step for our agency.

Adding to what has already been a fantastic year for us with the launch of our first London office and appointment of a new MD, David Crawford; this strategic move further boosts our agency towards achieving our ambitious growth plans.

So what does this mean for Branded3? Well, not much on the face of it, we’ll still operate independently as a standalone business led by the existing senior management team of CEO Vin Chinnaraja, Director of Search Patrick Altoft and Managing Director David Crawford.

This means that our insight-focused and innovative culture built up over the last decade will still remain. There’ll be no changes to the team structure, day-to-day running of the company or the office locations.

Put simply, this exciting move gives us an extra push towards our vision; to be the ‘go-to’ agency for Fortune 500 companies.

Plus, we’re in great company; St Ives Group owns an impressive portfolio of marketing companies, and so the acquisition generates a lot of opportunities for Branded3 to collaborate with some truly forward-thinking businesses.

One man whose excitement resonates through the entire team is Branded3 CEO Vin Chinnaraja, who had this to say:

“I am really proud of my team and what they have helped Patrick and me to achieve.  The success of Branded3 is really a credit to them. 

“We are focused on being the best and doing the best for our clients and the support of St Ives will strengthen our mission here for both existing and new clients.”

Patrick Altoft shares Vin’s delight and commented:

“This exciting move means that we can continue to grow and expand both in the UK and internationally, whilst still retaining our known and well-respected reputation in the industry.

“Reaching this major milestone is testament to what our team has achieved, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for our agency.”

So today is a significant day for Branded3 and all those working for it, as we move another step closer to world domination reaching our vision. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this day and continue to support Branded3 as we approach an exciting future.

Felicity Crouch

About Felicity Crouch

Felicity is Branded3’s Marketing Manager and develops and executes a creative marketing strategy for the agency to encourage new business. With a background in journalism and digital project management, Felicity manages a large number of marketing channels effectively to raise Branded3’s profile and facilitate the growth of the company.

  • Damien Bove

    Well done Vin and Patrick, very pleased for you, now can you lend me a Tenner!

  • Nicola Jenkin

    Congratulations to all at Branded3. We are very excited to be able to help you recruit new members to an already outstanding team of individuals.
    Go Branded3!
    Nikki @ JenkinHalls Recruitment

  • Paul Amourdedieu

    Well done guys and gals – best of luck for the next decade!

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