losing Google traffic and failing on Digg

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  • August 3, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy seems to have taken a hit recently and lost a load of Google traffic.

Search engines change rankings all the time and unless Answers is attracting links at the rate of its competitors (Wikipedia) its bound to lose out at some stage. The dip must have been quite large, they had to send out a press release about it:

We are working diligently to analyze and address the recent algorithm change,” said Bob Rosenschein, CEO. “We will update investors on the financial impact of this development during our upcoming Q2 earnings conference call on August 13.” “The major search engines modify their algorithms all the time,” added Mr. Rosenschein.

Answers seems to be trying to figure out social bookmarking but they don’t seem to quite understand Digg. A Digg button on the homepage leads to this story submitted last year. Digg stories have a 24 hour window to get popular – nobody told it seems. Maybe if they understood social networking a bit more they could build their Google traffic back up. Nobody wants to link to pages full of PPC ads.

The story on Digg is also full of spam which doesn’t do much for Answers credibility.