April Fool’s Day frenzy 2012

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  • April 2, 2012

From the spoof photograph of the Spaghetti harvest back in 1957 to Richard Branson’s UFO in 1989, April Fools has been celebrated in many countries across the world for many years.

It’s no surprise that the hoax hilarity has spread forth onto the digital sphere and this year we have had some real corkers. From tech bloggers to search moguls, it seems everyone has been at it!
Here are few examples of April Fool’s jokes that caught our eye at Branded3.

Reviversoft explain how to turn a PC into a tablet

  • The Sunday Telegraph. The Broadsheet announced news that the government would turn to reality TV in attempts to re-connect with the public and find a new advisor to our Prime Minister. The judging panel would be made up of ex-civil servants and ministers.
  • Reddit. Social News site announced on its blog a historical and futuristic timeline! “In addition to news, we are now able to offer olds, soon-to-bes, and everything in-between” claimed the site.
  • Interflora. The guys at Interflora revealed two new types of flowers – the Tiger Rose and the Leopard Rose – via a blog post complete with convincing pictures.
  • Google. Among the many ticks played by search giant: Google, was the Google Tap. Hilarious spoof video explained how emailing has reverted from your normal keyboard back to Morse Code.
  • Stuff.TV. Exclusive Video fooled many as claims that a 42” Ipad was given as a gift to the online tech magazine.
  • Techcrunch. Famous tech news blog launches new category for the hoax holiday: ‘Techcrunch Drama’ which would report on all the latest juicy gossip in the tech world.
  • Reviversoft. Software bloggers give a detailed Blue Peter style infographic on how to turn your PC into a tablet, with simple household items!
  • The Sun. Famous English tabloid reported yesterday that Arsenal FC was to release a perfume smelling of the Emirates Stadium. The £23 scent was to include aromas of freshly cut grass mixed with Wenger’s dugout and the players massage area.
  • Ashton Kutcher. Finally what was hoped to be an April fools has actually turned out to be true. Butterfly Effect star Ashton Kutcher has signed up to play Steve Jobs in Joshua Michael Stern directed indie film ‘Jobs’.
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