Back to the Future, wraparound billboards and roast potato pop-up

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  • October 23, 2015
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

What a week for PR, as brands all over the world celebrated the ‘Back to the Future day’ of October 21st 2015 in their own unique ways. We take a look at the best campaigns of the week, whether or not they paid homage to the time-travel classic.

Pepsi/Uber: Recreating the ‘Back to the Future’ Café

We saw a big push from Pepsi, as they celebrated #backtothefutureday in London with two separate PR stunts. They partnered up with taxi booking platform Uber to offer fans of the movie a chance to ride in a DeLorean. All they had to do was enter the promo code PEPSIMAX into the Uber app to unlock a DeLorean icon.

Back to the Future

Pepsi’s interest in the movie stems back to when Marty McFly orders a Pepsi in the movie-themed restaurant called Café 80’s. Pepsi teamed up with Empire Cinemas and Universal Pictures to host a special screening of the Back to the Future film to mark the special date that Marty travels to in the film.

They cleverly replicated the Café 80’s scene that features the Pepsi dispensing machine, to provide fans a fully interactive experience. To gain access to the event, fans were encouraged to enter via Facebook and Twitter.


Nike: Power-laced ‘Back to the Future’ trainers

Marty’s Nike power-laced trainers have become a reality. Although they don’t use the self-lacing technology featured in Back to the Future II, they are very impressive, using ‘power laces’ technology. Nike gave the man who played Marty McFly, Michael J. Fox, a pair to sample on Back to the Future day. The actor was blown away with the limited edition trainers; the viral footage of him trying them on can be viewed below.

Michael J. Fox will be selling the pair of shoes at an auction to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for research into Parkinson’s disease. Nike have also announced the news that they are testing the ‘power laces’ technology across a wide range of sports and hope to release it across their product range – we shall look forward to owning a pair!

Little Tikes: Cozy Coupe makes a come back

As we’re taking a trip down memory lane, we can’t forget the iconic Little Tikes car that topped many children’s birthday and Christmas lists for decades. Well, we now have a chance to own a roadworthy version, as two sibling mechanics have created an adult–sized model of the red and yellow car.

The inspiration for the vehicle came from a friend who bought a motor for his child’s toy version. The pair went away and penned the idea from there. The car is now available to buy on eBay for £21,500 and ‘guarantees to create a smile wherever it goes’. It may seem a little out of the usual price range for a car that size, but the brothers have said all the money will go to various children’s charities.


Samsung: Interactive billboard with a difference

Samsung have created a wraparound interactive billboard to promote the launch of their new Galaxy S6 Edge handset. The billboard has a wraparound screen that goes from edge to edge and provides live updates for passers-by.

The screen flashes messages to one side of the curve, such as “I hope you’re a dog person” and, soon enough, a dog walker would appear. Amazed, some people stopped in their tracks to stop and try to figure out how the digital billboard worked.

McCain’s: Roast potato pop-up opens its doors

Yes, you heard that correctly: McCain, the frozen potato company, have answered our prayers and are opening a pop-up named Sunday Best. And, if it couldn’t get any better, there will be a gravy fountain! McCain have partnered with the foodie creatives Robin Collective to bring unique dishes to the pop-up. These include roast potato kebabs and roast dinner-flavoured ice-cream sundaes.

Doors open today but, unfortunately, tickets for the launch have all been snapped up. However, you can keep your eyes peeled for more here: