Beans, cats, and naked selfies…our favourite PR campaigns this week

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  • April 21, 2017
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

There’s something for everyone is this week’s PR campaign round up, with a range of different companies promoting a diverse set of campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of the best…

IKEA donates beds to cats

Any cat lovers reading this may need to get some tissues, as IKEA is about to tug on your heart strings.

IKEA sell a range of miniature doll beds, and they decided to donate some of them to Etobicoke Humane Society, along with a financial donation. The shelter has cold, hard floors, so the beds give the cats a chance to have a good night’s snuggled up on a duvet, instead.

Cat bed

Pornhub creates naked selfie filters

A new app released by Pornhub allows users to take naked selfies that are filtered so they are suitable to send to your friends. TrickPics puts filters over users most private assets, so they can be shared on other (tamer) social media channels.

There are a few tongue-in-cheek names for the filters; men get the choice of ‘Trouser Snake’ and ‘Big Wig’, while women can choose between ‘Knock Knockers’ or ‘Lockdown’.

They are promoting it as ‘SFW’ but we think that depends on where you work!

Car simulator for babies

Many parents know about the time-old trick for getting a restless baby to sleep: a long drive in the car. Knowing about this tried and true method, Ford in Spain have developed a parental hack, by creating a car seat that simulates a moving car – without having to drive anywhere.

The ‘Motor Dreams’ product features engine noises and LED lights that recreate street lights. It’s all controlled by a smartphone app that can reproduce your car’s movement.

Ford baby crib

Half a century of beans

We love a pop-up, and this one from Heinz does not disappoint. The famous slogan ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ has been around fifty years now, so Heinz wanted to celebrate. They installed a pop-up in Selfridges, where fans of the product could get their hands on limited edition tins of beans, and enjoy a selection of delicious bean-themed meals.

It’s a great stunt by a brand that has been around since 1869 (!) and plays a huge part in meals for people from all different backgrounds – especially students and families


Who made your clothes?

In 2013, the Rana Plaza disaster happened. An 8-story garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh, resulting in thousands of deaths and serious injuries. After the disaster, a non-profit group named Fashion Revolution formed, encouraging customers across the world to push the big brands to reveal #whomademyclothes.

This year, they have taken their campaign further, and have set up a week of events to educate the public about the production of clothes and open people’s eyes to the reality of some clothing production. It’s also a great way for up and coming designers to get their ethical clothing collections noticed.