The best PR campaigns this week including Friends Fest, Ikea & Bumble Honeys

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  • February 24, 2017
Rebecca Hayler

Rebecca Hayler

PR Executive

As part of our weekly round up of the PR campaigns worthy of a shout out, we’re looking at campaigns from Comedy Central, Bumble and Ikea. Also included is Giphy, who are teaching sign language in a unique way, and a social experiment with Swedish opera house, Folkoperan.

Let’s take a closer look at what made each of these campaigns so special…

Bumble Honeys on Tour

Bumble have become infamous for their dating app, as it encourages  women to make the first move for setting up a date. Playing on this idea, the brand has launched ‘Honeys on Tour’, a Bumble bus to promote the app which is travelling throughout the UK from 17th Febuary.

As part of the tour, Bumble will be hosting their own student club night in each of the cities visited (London, Oxford, Nottingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle) to make it easier for the student Bumble’s out there to meet their special someone.

The campaign has been headed by Raptor Marketing and we are looking forward to visiting the bus in Leeds and London! The campaign has already been featured in various event magazines, making this a great campaign for the brand.


Friends Fest is coming back to the UK

Next up is Friends Fest! Brought to us by Comedy Central, the real life Friends set is coming back to the UK with added areas that include Chandler’s and Joey’s apartment. Visitors will also be able to sit on Monica’s sofa and drink coffee from Central Perk Café.

Do you miss watching Friends on repeat? Comedy Central are reminding us that they are the go-to channel for a Friends binge in the UK while giving Friends fans the unique opportunity to interact with the iconic sets. It’s a win-win for both Comedy Central and it’s audience… could it be any more awesome?


Ikea is changing the future of groceries

Ikea is a brand that is continually leading the PR stakes across the globe. This time, they’ve created a campaign that’s not just designed to raise awareness of the brand, but that could make a real difference to low-income communities.

Teaming up with architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husumto, Ikea has created The Grow Room, an outdoor space set in an inner-city environment, where neighbourhoods can grow their own produce and share the costs between themselves.

Not only will this help the environment, but it should also lower the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables for those who need it most. The biggest cost to bringing The Green Room to your community is the requirements of a 3D printer, but Ikea is confident that these will soon be available at a price most neighbourhoods can afford.

The only question now is whether the idea will spread.


Folkoperan’s social experiment

Folkoperan, a Swedish opera house, was founded on the mission of making opera accessible to everyone. Their latest show, God in Disguise, takes this mission even further, by casting EU migrants in key roles.

To promote the show, the opera house sent their cast members out with cardboard signs offering free tickets to the show. The video shows that it took a total of 12 hours before anyone accepted a free ticket, highlighting the neglect of migrant issues.

Giphy teaches sign language

To end this week’s round up of great PR campaigns, we’re taking a look at Giphy, a GIF company that has created over 2,000 GIFs to help everyone learn sign language.

Making full use of the way the public take in information, Giphy have used their expertise to create something we can learn from, something that is useful, and something that’s highly shareable across every platform from Facebook to Tumblr.

The idea was taken from ‘Sign with Robert’, and breaks down critical information for learning sign language in a digestible and accessible way. This content will help many deaf people communicate with others, and could benefit us all if it gets shared enough.

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