The best and worst brand reactions to the #tubestrike

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  • July 9, 2015
Laura Crimmons

Laura Crimmons

Communications Director

The London Underground may have ground to a halt for 27 hours, but brands’ Social Media teams certainly haven’t. We’ve rounded up the best and worst brand reactions to the tube strike to keep you entertained in these testing times (although not so testing for us because, luckily, we have a nice boss that lets our London team work from home to avoid the traumatic strike experience!).


innocent was of course on hand with a witty photo tweet this morning showcasing their busy office:


The official TFL Twitter feed was as sensitive about the issue as you’d expect:


Sure created some images to remind people that even if the tube lets them down, their deodorant won’t:  


One of my favourites (of course because it’s Disney):


Waterstones rounded up some books you could read on your way home during the strike that matched your mode of transport:



There was a slightly surprising description of the #tubestrike on Twitter trends:    tubestrike


Berocca responded with their own tube:



Gaucho responded by very kindly offering everyone a complimentary Bloody Mary, because ya know alcohol is always the answer:



Belvita had probably one of the most useful responses, creating Belvita branded tuk tuks to help people around:



And finally, although not a new (or a brand) reaction, this #walklondon map created by Joe Watson and Aryven Arasen back in January has gained a lot of attention again due to its undeniable usefulness: Walking-Tube-map-aryjoecreatives_0 If you’ve spotted any more that we’ve missed, be sure to let us know in the comments or on Twitter and we’ll update the post!   *Update* a few more that we’ve been made aware of since publishing this post:

Age International

Age International reminded us that getting around is a challenge older people face every day, not just during tube strikes:  





Keep sending or tweeting us (@Branded_3) any more that you spot and we’ll keep updating the post.